Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ernie Dingle Ready To Go!

I have been stitching "Christmas Tweets" using Presencia thread number 9275 - it's a variegated red through to very dark red, almost black. It's looking good - then I will turn it into something, I don't know what yet! Something to show what can be done with a little pre-printed stitchery!
As you can see, I haven't completed all the stitching yet - finger still giving me grief from a gardening accident, but it's on the mend.
Ernie Dingle is ready and waiting - off to the AQM this weekend. Although it is a busy couple of days, we are looking forward to catching up with all our friends in the patchwork and quilting industry.
I'm just trying to work out a strategy for "Ernie Control" - he tends to go a bit wild at these events (must be Himself's influence)!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Canadian Cousin

Maureen at Stitch Back in Time, Tamworth, New South Wales, sent me this photo of Grandma and Me. It's a shop sample and isn't it gorgeous! The photo doesn't do it justice! If you are interested, give Maureen a call on (02) 6766 9088. The shop address is 1D Darling St, Tamworth, NSW, 2340, Australia.
Great excitement on the weekend! My Canadian cousin is in Australia for a tour and we were delighted to meet up with her on Saturday. Our first stop was, of course, scones, tea and coffee at The Patchwork Tea House in Warburton (above) then off to Healesville Sanctuary (in the rain!). Meandered around looking at the animals, and Heather reminded us of what we take for granted - the sounds and smells of the Australian bush and the strange and wonderful varieties of animal life we are so fortunate to have.
The koalas were looking rather bedraggled in the rain, but didn't seem to mind!
Then we dropped in at White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville to see Paul, also Woori Yallock to say hello to Mark, Rach and Archie, then home for tea!
Didn't stop talking the whole day through! Above photo taken with the timer - had to hold the smiles for ten seconds - it always feels like ten minutes!!!
On Sunday it was Archie's first birthday party at Lilydale Lake - but more about that next time!
P.S. Only 32 days until the jolly fat man arrives!
P.P.S. It has been my mission this year to find the perfect Christmas tree lights. I think I'm failing .......
P.P.S. Why does my list of followers not display correctly? It has a mind of its own - sometimes it cooperates, sometimes it doesn't!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pear Cider

"Created with Love" and "Grandma and Me" are now on my website. Patterns are finally available! At last!!
My son, Paul, works at White Rabbit Brewery in Healesville, what a dream job for a bloke!!!!!
He dropped in this afternoon, and, what a star - look at what he brought for me! A new taste treat! Pear cider. It's not too sweet, and only 4% alcohol. I'm hooked! It's my current favourite tipple!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Tweets

I've been drawing! I love doodling, and this is the result of my latest scribble - "Christmas Tweets", two little robins with a very festive yuletide air!
They are pre-printed on homespun and come together in a pack, ready for you to start stitching for Christmas. Use your imagination to turn them into anything to grace your home at Christmas - wall hangings, little quilts or table covers, placemats, gift bags - or simply give a pack to a friend as a gift!
They will be on the website very soon, but if you are desperate, email or phone, the details are on the website. Those of you with paypal accounts, I am about to put it on Ebay - follow link on this page.
I'm looking after Archie today - Rach is not well, and we are having a lovely time! He's watching "In the Night Garden" at the moment - it's a bit of a laugh really, as Grandpa knows all the words off by heart and recites them throughout the show! What an article he is!