Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stuart Mill Part 5 and Time Warp

Jenny had "show and tell" - she made this for her son - it is a simply stunning quilt!
A wizard and a dragon .... the fabrics she chose create perfectly that fantasy look.
The dragon has lots of gold stitched on his body to give the appearance of scales.
More photos of the girls at work.
An appliqued teddy ........
........ adding the sashing to a baby's quilt ........
........ embroidery ........
........ scrapbooking ........ (as well as chatter!)
........ more embroidery ........
........ Himself trying to look interested ........
(I'm joking - he always takes an interest and knows far more about patchwork than he lets on!)
Now here's an interesting picture! (Time warp in a country town!)
I couldn't believe what we found hanging on the wall in the motel at St. Arnaud!
Back in the 1970's my Mum had the very same print on the wall in our lounge! The very height of "tasteful" fashion!
My photo has given it an orange hue, but the original is more greys and dark blues.
So my question is ........ has this one been hanging on the wall in that motel for 35 years?
P.S. Ernie is talking to us again! Is it because there is a trip coming up to Sydney? He's trying to worm his way back into our good books, so that we'll ask him to tag along.
(He'll probably come along as a stowaway anyway!)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Significant Birthday and More of Stuart Mill.

But first of all - I have released a new little stitchery - "Welcome", with not a bear in sight, but cute little birdies!!!!
It is on the Teddlywinks website, but I'm still putting together the patterns. Then I'll be sending out newsletters.
It will be at the QCE (trade only) show at Rosehill, Sydney, in a couple of weeks time.
Rach made me a cake. Yes - it was a "significant" birthday for me (now I have an excuse for all the "forgetfulness" and doddering behaviour!). All the family came on Sunday - lots of lovely presents, good food, wine, coffee, company - what else could a person want?
Sean (with lots of spit!!!) and Archie "helped" me to blow out the candles.
Sue dropped in with gorgeous flowers and chocolates. The buds opened up beautifully in the warmth.
Had a lovely day, and when everyong had gone we settled down to watch Downton Abbey - what a corker that is going to be!
More flowers from my neighbours (and good friends) Janine and Andrew - and yes, that is a beautiful red waratah in the middle!
Now more of Stuart Mill, with a photo of something from a horror movie!
One of the girls is into doll making - isn't the head hideous!!! But when it's finished it will be a beautiful little baby doll!
Some of the girls were scrapbooking, and it was great to see them exchanging ideas and asking advice from their friends.
There was a cutting table for the patchworkers - they seemed to have everything well set up for the weekend.
More scrapbooking, this time with lots of photos.
More about Stuart Mill next time!
P.S. Time for a coffee and left-over birthday cake, then I really have to get stuck into the "Welcome" pattern!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuart Mill Episode Three and Mice

Here's Jenny again with "Sew Busy Bears", another of my designs. Honestly, this patchworking girl has ALL of my patterns!
More pics of the ladies at work (or, I should say, play!).
Cosy spot for a cuppa and a stitch'n'chat!
Jenny and I had our mug shots taken - for the UFO Weekend archives, I think.
The ironing corner. Love those little table ironing boards - I have three of them! One even without legs.

Margaret(?) was busy working on some applique that involved that "shrinky" stuff that makes your fabric go all haywire - the effect is superb. However, she was having a problem with her machine needle making holes in the fabric. Needle was sharp, everything else fine, so we put it down to the fabric. It was a batik, and I find there can be the odd piece of batik that is quite difficult to sew. But from a distance it appeared fine - perhaps a wash will fix it?
Here's the finished heart.
Now onto the subject of mice. Yes, I had a mouse in our en-suite in the middle of the night. Now I don't get rattled by this sort of thing. Creepy crawlies, spiders and mice don't bother me. (Snakes bother me. Hate snakes. Won't go near them.)
So to the mouse. Grabbed a clear plastic container and after chasing the dratted thing around the floor, finally cornered it and slammed the container down over it. Slid a board under it, took it outside and threw it into the bushes.
Couldn't work out how it had come inside, but thought it may have been in some firewood.
Next evening, another one in the lounge! Got the plastic container, cornered and caught the mouse and out it went to join it's friend in the bushes (I can move quickly when it comes to little critters!). I hope there was a hungry owl nearby!
How on earth did they get in?
My friend Tiramisue solved the problem. It was so obvious! Our kitchen benches still have a gap under them. We didn't think that was the entry for the little rodents until she pointed out a crack, and that led to another crack, and that led to a large opening into the wall cavity! David was going to finish off the bench on the weekend, but in the meantime - a roll of packing tape and a meter of heavy duty plastic and "voila!".
A mouse barrier.
We hope.
As an added precaution, I put down rat poison under the cupboard (where no little children or pets can reach it). And a ton of it in the roof just to make sure.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stuart Mill Episode Two

Ernie Dingle is NOT HAPPY!!!!! Here he is - sulking! That's him with his back turned. It's all my fault because I forgot to take him along to St Arnaud. So now he's not talking.
Actually, it's all very peaceful around here ..........
This is the second installment of the Stuart Mill weekend.
Here is Jenny working on her dolphin quilt - the one I showed you in my last posting. She's certainly one happy stitcher!
The following photos are views of the hall where the ladies gathered to sew, chat, eat, drink, and in general be merry!
What a lovely bunch of ladies - such a happy group.
Now here's a little bit more about those dinky cut-outs that Jen was making for the girls - here she is, concentrating on a new design. This is what the girls' sewing machines look like now!

Here's the printer at work - there's a little cutter gizmo that quite speedily cuts out the computerised design onto sticky-backed vinyl. I think it's called the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter. Jen, if you read this, let me know if that's correct? A very useful tool, especially for scrapbookers!
The cut lines can be seen if you look very carefully at the photo below.
Karyl and her fantastic camera - taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.
I told you it was peaceful around here - we are looking after Archie tonight. He is flat out on the family room floor, fast asleep!
Ernie should sulk a bit more often!
More about Stuart Mill soon.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuart Mill and Annie

How do you like this! "Bug Bears" was lovingly made by Kerryn, the daughter-in-law of one of my quilting friends, Julie. Kerryn and Justin have a lovely little baby girl, Annie, and the quilt is hers. Annie has some health issues, and will be having an operation soon - and she's only five months old! Our warmest wishes go to Annie and her Mum and Dad. I really must add that this quilt is Kerryn's FIRST one!!!!!!! What a star!
Over the weekend David (who was suffering from a wobbly tummy) and I went to Stuart Mill, a tiny place near St. Arnaud in northern Victoria. Saturday was a lovely day, we arrived about mid-afternoon at the quilters' retreat - a UFO weekend organised by Jenny. Here's Jenny displaying her beautiful dolphin quilt.
The weekend is geared towards those who have unfinished objects - it's three days of "get them completed". But there was also a lot of fun, conversation, gossip, catching up with friends (some only see each other at these retreats), food, relaxation ........ etc.
Karyl (below) was the official photographer - her camera put my little one to shame! Now I know what I want for Christmas!
She was working on the most beautiful quilt.
Can you see Sherril's personalised sewing machine? One of the girls, Jen, was making these dinky designs on her computer and printing out the sticky vinyl silhouettes for everyone's sewing machine!
I was intrigued but more about that later.
Maree (thanks Jen!) is a keen cross-stitcher - here is the beginning of her work .......
..... and here is what it will be like when she's finished!
There was a lovely open fire in the hall - it was so snug and warm!
Someone had this quirky fabric - I didn't find out what they were going to use it for!
My idea of bliss - stitching in front of the fire!
Here's a cute little fellow! Jen (of the "name your sewing machine" fame), had fused little "Monkey Magic" to her fabric - she promised me that she would send me a photo of the finished article.
Jen, I'm holding you to that promise!!!
How's her name tag! It's just beautiful!
There was a cutting counter, and an ironing corner. Everything you could want! Bottomless tea and coffee, and scrumptious meals!
More in the next installment!