Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't put Anything on the Shelves

This quilt is named "Green Farm Village" and I have had lots of people asking me how I was inspired. Here's the story.
It is all about memories of where my family came from in Wales. Several years ago David and I visited the lovely Welsh countryside just outside Cardiff where my Mum grew up. She lived, as a child, in a house called "The Lodge", which is attached to a cemetery where my Grandpa was employed. The road leading to the house is Green Farm Lane. Development has taken place, with modern homes built in Green Farm Lane, although the original double story home still stands (in a somewhat forlorn state!).
Mum and Dad (a scot) where married just after the Second World War, in the parish church of St. Georges, a small but beautiful church consecrated around 1236. The church and graveyard remain in a rural setting - the lane leading to the church being only one car width! We were excited that the photos we took did not differ much from wedding photos taken in 1946!
I'll scan some old photos and post them next time.
What are pyjama-clad legs doing in my blog?
The carpet has been laid, and we are enjoying it!!!!!!!! Bare feet, sitting on it, lying on it ........
It's so cosy!!!!!!!
The photo below shows The Mess when the carpet layers had left.
David started putting together the shelving for the workrook, right in the middle of The Mess, and his last words before going to work the next day were, "Don't put anything on the shelves".
Red rag to a bull!
On went the teddies!!!!
Over this weekend the challenge is to put all the shelves together, in their rightful place along the wall in the workroom. Then start to put The Mess away!!!!!
Wish me luck!!!!!
P.S. This is Malcolm. He looks after my spectacles. I was always losing them because they are frameless and hard to see. My friend Detty gave him to me.
He's named after a former Australian Prime Minister. Can you guess who? And can you see the resemblance?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yes - I know. It's carpet!
And yes, I know. It's berber.
And yes, I know. It's wool.
But with my nose, wool's the go!
And yes, I know. Berber is an eighties look. But I don't care. It's my home. And I love it!
Anyway, you won't see all the threads from my sewing!
Here's the ladder in all its glory - yet to have "stuff" hanging from it.
The carpet layers loved it. "What a good idea", they said. I am a big fan of what I call "skyhooks" (the rock band as wel - God bless Shirley's little cotton socks). If I can hang something up, I'll do it because it means that it's out of the way and I can clean underneath without difficulty.
We have finally moved in ........ I think .........
That board in the front is an old ironing board ready to be tarted up.
We found a tent.
David was very taken with it!
And we found a little kiddy couch. Next thing I knew, guess who was in the tent with the couch, and his new best friend. All tuckered out!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dishwashers and The Ladder

Meet Basil Brush!
Apart from my brother Bill, who lives just around the corner from us, we must be the only people I know of who do not have a dishwasher. It's something that we just haven't got around to getting!
My best friend Helen keeps asking Mark, "When is your Mum going to get a dishwasher?!"
I don't miss one, but I have never had one, so I don't know what I'm missing ......
I suppose the only time I think about it is when we have a few here for a meal, and the dishes are mounting up. But we usually do them when everyone has gone, or even the next morning. Although that's not my favourite task when all I want is a strong coffee and a sit in the sun!
Basil Brush is my latest "find". He comes from IKEA (of course!). He sits very nicely suction-cupped to the sink so that all the water drains off him and he stays as fresh as a daisy.
So on Saturday when we made our return trip to get more shelves for the workroom, I bought a couple more. At $1.49 each, Basil had to have a couple of brightly coloured friends!!!!! (They will go in the cupboard until they are needed.)
Some of you already know that I love ladders. This is my latest! It's 4.30m long - that's just over 14 feet. I stripped and stained it last year in readiness for the workroom, and today David got to play in the roof - a job he loves (joking - he HATES it)!!!!!
Apparently my part in the installation of the ladder is of critical importance. It goes something like this.
Check measurements from each wall to centre of ceiling.
Check distance of ladder ends from air-con ducts.
Make sure that David checks for power leads in ceiling.
Marks for hooks in ladder to be evenly spaced apart.
Marks on ceiling to match EXACTLY the hook positions on the ladder (that was a challenge!).
Make sure that David is holding the drill perfectly straight as he drills the holes in the ceiling.
Check that the ceiling hooks are perfectly straight and all facing the same direction.
Check that the ladder hooks are perfectly straight and all facing the same direction.
Check that the chain lengths are all of the same number of links.
The reasoning behind all this is so that it's MY FAULT if something is not quite right!
So David marked and drilled where the hooks go...........screwed in the hooks......
......played monkeys in the roof......
......added some bearers in the ceiling to take the weight and bolted the ceiling hooks in place.
And the sewing goes on regardless......
P.S. You'll have to wait to see the ladder in place because I wanted black chains to match the hooks, and the paint is still drying.
P.P.S. David is being fantastic with all the fiddly bits before we move all my "stuff" in. His next job is to put up a lovely big notice board for me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Isn't he adorable! Four months old. So I'm a proud Grandma - who can blame me!!??!
We're off to IKEA again tomorrow - lists to write - need lots of "stuff".
P.S. News of "Dunster" coming soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Play Mat for Grandson No. 3.

It was our monthly quilt group this afternoon - it's a great way to do "boring" sewing - chatting whilst I put together the Paddington (disappearing nine patch) quilt blocks - a mat for our next grandson (not born yet) to lie on, roll around on, dribble on, sleep on, laugh on (or whatever!). The photo is a teeny tiny one, so you can't really see the pattern of cute little Paddington Bears.
With some leftovers I made up the borders for a little wall hanging (using my "Archie" pattern), for Sean. The Paddingtons are more clear in this photo.
Now - television. First there was Life on Mars. (If you have never heard of this show, read no further.) Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler. From the first episode we were hooked! A real pun of the seventies police. And a very bizarre story line. Just my style of viewing!
Then there was Ashes to Ashes. Gene Hunt (again) and Alex Drake. Another weird story line, and more send-ups, this time of the eighties police.
On Thursday night it was the last episode. In the final scene a newcomer was seen entering a cigarette smoke filled room of coppers, asking where his desk was and who took his I-phone. Not strange until you realise that it was set in the 1980's.
Is he another time traveller?
What is his story?
And will we get another series?
I certainly hope so!!!!!

P.S. This is tonight's treat! There's really not enough for two ........ will he notice?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'm back! From IKEA! Love that store! But more about that in a minute.
I have just finished cutting up lots of nine patch squares to "re-arrange" for a quilt - our third grandson is due in April, so I'm making him a Paddington Bear quilt - something that Susanne can use for changing him, or for just "lying around on" (baby, not Susanne!). It's all very exciting really.
Our trip to IKEA was most productive! Arrived before they opened. Those Vikings are very canny - restaurant opens early, so in we sailed with our IKEA Family card - free bottomless coffee and a couple of little cinnamon scrolly things.
Then it was shopping time. We wondered why everyone was walking towards us until we noticed that we were going in the opposite direction to the arrows on the floor!
As you can see, we bought the shelving for the workroom, and here it is ready to be put together. David couldn't make it any cheaper from scratch - clever marketing strategy of IKEA to flat pack everything.
But I wonder how many marriages are put at risk at the assembly stage?!?
Our wood heater is in place, but not installed yet - looking forward to those cosy Winter nights with my sewing! (Ignore the unfinished retaining wall and the pile of rubbish!)
By the way, I painted the floor to seal it before the carpet is laid.
The tin was marked "beige".
I don't think so!
It's baby poo yellow!
At least it will be unseen and out of sight!
P.S. We'll be going back to IKEA for a "gadget" trip - love their gadgets!
P.P.S. Found this at IGA - "a tempting little box of gorgeously indulgent pleasures for cheeky little devils to enjoy" (that's what it says on the box). So I bought one of each flavour. Lovely with coffee!!!!