Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Have Staff

Yes - "The Day" arrived!
What day, you ask?
Yesterday was David's "Significant Birthday". Yes, he's now officially retired (or so I'd like him to think! Little does he know that he will be very busy - I now have staff! Unpaid staff)!
But to celebrate (and keep him happy) I took him out for lunch. But not any ordinary lunch. He was treated to a first class three hour tour (sounds very Gilligan Islandish!), a "natter platter", Crown lager, coffee and scones. All on Puffing Billy!
This was our carriage .......
This was our lunch .......
A sideways salad ....... still haven't worked out how to turn the pic the right way up!
On the way to Lakeside .......
David trying to look nonchalant.......
And a very festive Puffing Billy he was!


Bearly Sane said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! David on his semi-retirement and you on finally getting STAFF! What a terrific way to celebrate, looks like you had fun.

Have a wonderful Christmas with the family.
Lots of love,

TiramiSue said...

What a fabulous idea! Hope you both have a very merry Christmas and David, congratulations once again on both becoming retired and placed in to servitude all on the same day.
Sue xxx