Wednesday, December 7, 2011

High Tea at The Patchwork Tea House

At The Patchwork Tea House there is an intrepid group of ladies who show up once a month to work on their BOMs. They are a delightful bunch who always thoroughly enjoy themselves, stitching (a little), eating (moderately) and chatting (a lot!). It is a great way for them to compare notes on their projects, share techniques and generally have a good time.
For their Christmas break-up they decided to have one of the Tea House's sumptuous high teas.
Marilyn, Gary and Helen didn't let them down - what a high tea it was! Here's Trish, caught unawares in her Christmas finery, reading something to the others.
One of the girls had finished this gorgeous festive quilt and was proudly displaying it - and quite rightly too!
Gary was put to work assembling some new cake plates while the girls were stitching. He looks most impressed, doesn't he (trying to get them straight)!!!?
The girls had their usual spot in the window with a lovely outlook - and Kris Kringle pressies on the table!
And then the feast! A real visual feast as well as a taste treat!
Little sandwiches, cakes, scones (real cream and home made jam), slices, little "quichey" things ...... I put on three pounds just looking at it!
I tell you what - they made short work of it all - this sewing lark really builds an appetite!!!!
What a day .....
..... I think they all went home happy!

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Elizabeth said...

Sure looks like fun