Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas for the Kiddies

I have my little wall hanging, "Teddy in a Tangle", in our family room - it comes in a pattern called "Double the Christmas Fun". Yes - I have decorated for the kiddies in our family - and the tree over our deck is wearing it's finery just for them! Decorations are so cheap! I couldn't resist the red baubles to go with last year's gold - next year I'll add more colours!
And our Christmas tree inside has more bling. But still not enough.
I wonder what the possums will make of them!
Or the cockatoos! Ooooh ..... shiney, sparkly fruit!!!!


Karen said...

Love seeing the outside tree decorated. Good fun!
And, yes, please tell us how the cockatoos and possums go with the decorations!

TiramiSue said...

Very fetching. Aren't magpies drawn to pretty sparkle as well.
Sue xxx