Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boxing Day

A rogue's gallery - the boys in a one-in-a-million photo. It took me 35 shots to get this one!
Don't you just love Boxing Day?
I do.
NOTHING happens here ...... we usually do very little.
Nothing to cook because there's tons of leftover turkey.
No-one knocking on the door because they are probably doing what we're doing ..... nothing. Or going away for their hols!
The neighbourhood is quiet. They're all probably at the Boxing Day sales. Couldn't think of anything worse. Camping out from midnight just to get crushed in the crowd of bargain hunters. Better things to do ..... like ..... nothing!
(I won't mention the washing, though ..... or the dirty floors ..... or the mess leftover from yesterday .....)
Yesterday Sean was tickled pink to see Santa on our neighbour's front lawn - he's usually on the roof, (Santa, that is, not Sean!) but this year health and safety prevailed and it was thought that two feet firmly planted on the ground was the go.
This must be why it's called Boxing Day (LOL) - there was a bit of biffo going on outside this morning.
The King parrots arrived - we have stopped feeding them because of the cat problem, but I think they were attracted by the shiny, sparkly baubles. So out went some seed.
But who arrived soon after? Yes - the feisty little lorrikeets who will scare the pants off any birds larger than themselves!
There was a bit of a punch-up (hence "Boxing" Day), and the lorrikeets tucked in - but the other parrots did not give up too easily and a fragile peace prevailed.
This is one of the reject photos from the attempt to "achieve a desirable outcome" in the boy's photo category! Archie was the culprit - trying to pull his Grandpa's ear! Hope your Chrissy was a great one!
P.S. Sue's Christmas card this year features O'Reilly in drag (whoops - not dressed in drag, but sporting a pair of antlers, some tinsel and a very red nose)! There were lots of comments about the "shaggy reindeer" .......

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