Saturday, December 3, 2011

AQM 2011

Here we are again, at the AQM in Jeff's Shed (with Sexpo in the next hall!!! What a combination - one selling patchwork and quilting supplies, and the other selling .?????. supplies!!!).
Ernie Dingle took up his usual position surveying his domain.
Our stand was quite "eye catching" to say the least.
The zig-zaggy frame at the front, with the quilts draped over it, is half of the playpen we use for Archie and Josh when they are at our place - a multi-purpose piece of equipment!
This was the view from our hotel room - over towards Docklands. Hmmm..... One day we'll strike it lucky and get a prettier outlook. But then, we don't spend much time in the hotel!

However, same view at night. Much nicer when you can't see the grotty bits.
It was just lovely to catch up with friends from the patchwork world. Here's Sue from Mallee Country Crafts.
A rogue's gallery! Michelle on the left is the designer behind the Brittannia Creek label.
Karen next to her is the owner of Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop in Emerald, Victoria.
Next to her is Bronwyn, who took a liking to Ernie - he found himself in the arms of an adoring fan!
Below, Jo from Sewjo Designs, took my place for the photo.
Look who was just down the aisle from us! Conversation and laughter was non-stop with Jenny, Natalie, Anni, Gail and Brenda!
Oh dear. Ernie .......
Don't you just love the little designs the baristas put on top of your coffee? I always look forward to what will appear when I take off the lid. I think I'll issue a challenge - a barista who can do a teddy!!!!!
We have both hit a brick wall this week - it has been an extremely busy November, and Christmas is looming .....
But David's on the countdown - only ten working days until he retires. Hooray!!!!

P.S. Little does he know that he will still be working.
P.P.S. For me.
P.P.P.S. And for no pay!!!!
P.P.P.P.S. I'll have staff (manic laughter)!!!

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