Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas Tweets

I've been drawing! I love doodling, and this is the result of my latest scribble - "Christmas Tweets", two little robins with a very festive yuletide air!
They are pre-printed on homespun and come together in a pack, ready for you to start stitching for Christmas. Use your imagination to turn them into anything to grace your home at Christmas - wall hangings, little quilts or table covers, placemats, gift bags - or simply give a pack to a friend as a gift!
They will be on the website very soon, but if you are desperate, email or phone, the details are on the website. Those of you with paypal accounts, I am about to put it on Ebay - follow link on this page.
I'm looking after Archie today - Rach is not well, and we are having a lovely time! He's watching "In the Night Garden" at the moment - it's a bit of a laugh really, as Grandpa knows all the words off by heart and recites them throughout the show! What an article he is!


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