Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fathers' Day

A new stitchery - red work birdies, with a very profound statement! I really believe that positive thoughts help us all through the tricky times.
It is not on the website yet, but it's in my ebay store. Yes - I now have an ebay store and all my patterns are listed and there are also a couple of completed quilts for sale.
Anyone living worldwide (outside Australia) will notice the added $2 postage cost. This is for the additional postage costs - the prices still remain the same as my website.
Fathers' Day - what a laugh! I managed to get a reasonable photo of the men - the girls are very much outnumbered - usually there is much mayhem and joking and I end up with a disastrous shot, but the boys behaved this time, although Archie was much more interested in Sean's hair! Such big kids.
Here's Sean playing with his monkeys - Tiramisue made them for him. I went to bed on Sunday night with the words "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed" going around and around in my head ..... wait 'til he realizes that we have the six little ducks as well ......
"Mama called the doctor, the doctor said ......"


TiramiSue said...

Where was that this morning? Glad to see the monkeys are still giving how about a resounding rendition of ....wait for it ......We are the village green, preservation society.......
When does the other one from this morning go up - you should see it folks, very pretty.
Sue xxx

Zuly said...

Beautiful your quilt, congratulations, you're an artist.
The photos are beautiful. Lovely family.
A big hug,
Zuly Castillo U. - COSTA RICA