Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Made a Mistake

This is my new stitchery, and all will be revealed when it is finished!
However ......... I made a mistake.
I chose the wrong thread colour.
No excuse!
I had picked out the Madeira embroidery thread to match my border fabric, made note of the number, then began ferreting around in my thread box without my glasses!
Instead of 0512 I managed to select 0511 and sat in front of the TV/fire stitching away - had nearly completed it when I found a stray thread card with thread, with the correct number on it ..... what was I doing!!??!!
I had a good close look - there's not much in it - either thread will do.
If I hadn't said anything, you'd never have known!It's Sean's third birthday tomorrow - we had the family party on the weekend - he's been ill with a throat infection which is very unusual because he's never sick!
I can't believe he's three!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grandpa's Little Treasure

This is where Archie (Grandpa's little treasure) sleeps when he's here. Auntie Susanne made the little snuggly for him, he just loves tags and labels, but he hasn't seen this one yet!
The ladder next to the cot is just screaming out for rungs full of teddies! Fortunately the ankle biter isn't big enough to climb ladders yet!
The quilt on the wall is "Grandpa's Little Treasures", of course!
What a dag - in his "formal" t-shirt!
Bye bye!
P.S. For some reason, Internet Explorer won't let us see the followers of this blog! Firefox does, and that's the one I usually use. If you know how to rectify this, please let me (and Tiramisue) know!
Ta ever so!