Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time to go Home

Ernie Dingle, "Bear about Town", talking to his Owly friends on Natalie's stand. He's hoping to see them in Melbourne in November!
I was really pleased to see Carolyn Kendall from Quilt Street at the show. And there's good news! Do you remember me telling you that she had her quilt "Green Farm Village" stolen (one of my Block of the Month quilt designs)? Not long ago it was very mysteriously returned to her by mail - and there was no return address on the parcel. Did someone have a guilty conscience? That's Carolyn with me, below.
Ernie admiring Gail's stitching!
Here we are heading out of Sydney in the wee hours of the morning - endless roadworks and headlights of the commuter traffic rushing to work.
Ernie made us stop at Gundagai for the dog on the tuckerbox!
We are glad to be home!
Sneak preview of Quiltaid design coming soon!


Quilt Kitty said...

Looks like Ernie had a great time Liz. Bet he needed a good nap once you got home. So glad Carolyn got her quilt back, damn right they should feel guilty. Tracee xx

Bearly Sane said...

Looks like fun was had all round. Just looking at Quilt Kitty's comment...I bet it wasn't Earnie that needed the nap...LOL!!


Natalie Ross said...

Hi Lizzy, I always LOVE seeing Ernie Dingle around town especially when he pops in to see my very friendly "Love CATS" LOL..... Give Archie a big kiss n cuddle from me.....Love the peek a boo! No ned to stress when you have Archie to make you laugh!

Save me some chockie!!

Nat x