Monday, June 13, 2011

Q.C.E. and Trading Cards

At my quilting group (we meet once a month) we have been swapping trading cards - here is my collection of cards from the "Spring" challenge. I particularly liked the bright pink card at the top right. It is not very clear in the photo, but there is a little wire spring attached, with the words "into it" embroidered underneath ("Spring into it"). Clever Jo!!!!
The next challenge was an oriental one. Here are a few (below) that I made, and when we do the "swap", I'll post a photo of my collection. The Japanese writing is "quilt". I hope.
Ernie Dingle is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
He has already packed for our trip to Sydney for the Q.C.E. and he has selected his favourite listening for the car trip.
The Goon Show.
Eight recordings.
Oh dear.
He is a huge fan of Bluebottle, and becomes quite uncontrollable when "He's fallen in the water........"
He can't stop laughing.
I hope the cloud of volcanic ash doesn't upset out trip. Flights cancelled, and the roads could be busy.
Wish us luck!
P.S. Forgot to mention! We are at stand 76 with Gail Pan next to us, and Natalie Ross opposite! What a scream!!! Also our friends from Lloyd Curzon Textiles on the other side!!!

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