Monday, June 27, 2011

Teacup Challenge

OK girls - it's teacup challenge time!
One of my blogging buddies, Kris, from Tag Along Teddies, is, in my opinion the queen of teacups.
So let's see how many of you out there are secret closet teacup aficionados.
Here's my selection - I must confess I have more but they are stored away in boxes until I can get my grubby little hands on a nice display cabinet ......
As you see, I like the matching plate (for the eclair of course!).
This is my favourite. It has a gorgeously intricate gold lacy pattern all over, but the outside of the cup is quite plain with just a posy of flowers ........
but when you drink your tea - look what appears!
Start blogging girls! Let's see all those teacups!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Need an Archie-Blog

I'm pattern writing (sick of it), I have an ear infection, my brother and his lovely lady are doing it tough at the moment with her elderly parents (dementia - I'll say no more), we are overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to be done in the garden now that the workroom is finished (retaining walls, paving, etc), so I think it's time for an Archie-blog, then chocolate .........
What a dag! He's playing peek-a-boo and loving it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time to go Home

Ernie Dingle, "Bear about Town", talking to his Owly friends on Natalie's stand. He's hoping to see them in Melbourne in November!
I was really pleased to see Carolyn Kendall from Quilt Street at the show. And there's good news! Do you remember me telling you that she had her quilt "Green Farm Village" stolen (one of my Block of the Month quilt designs)? Not long ago it was very mysteriously returned to her by mail - and there was no return address on the parcel. Did someone have a guilty conscience? That's Carolyn with me, below.
Ernie admiring Gail's stitching!
Here we are heading out of Sydney in the wee hours of the morning - endless roadworks and headlights of the commuter traffic rushing to work.
Ernie made us stop at Gundagai for the dog on the tuckerbox!
We are glad to be home!
Sneak preview of Quiltaid design coming soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day at the Races

We finally finished setting up our stand at the Quilt and Craft Expo. It's for trade only, where we show off our designs to the shops. There were all sorts of businesses on display - fabric wholesalers, sewing notions, buttons, bag accessories, long arm quilting machines, textiles, wadding and, of course, the pattern designers.
That's my faithful companion reading the paper after a few hours of me "organizing" him and getting him to do the "high bits" (I'm not the tallest person in the world!).
Ernie was quite at home once more, in his favourite spot, good for "people watching" and keeping an eye on the stand.
I had a scream of a time - it was such fun having Sandy (left) from Cookies and Cream Craft stopping to chat on her way around the show - I think she was stalking us - she passed by every ten minutes (or so it seemed!).
Natalie Ross (next in the photo) was opposite us, and Gail Pan was our neighbour. That's me on the right. It was a laugh a minute - we had a great time! And my friends at Lloyd Curzon Textiles, Tim and Jim, were on the other side of us - I had a lovely time browsing their fabric swatches - lots of new ideas on the way!
Ernie backed a winner! (I hope he doesn't make this a regular occurrence!). There was a race meeting while we were there, and we could see the horses through the windows - Ernie couldn't help himself!
I always come away from these shows with new ideas - the fabrics are such a great inspiration. Lily and Peony from Clothworks and Cielle from Lecien are a couple of ranges that appeal to me, so let's see what happens over the next couple of months!
More about the show next time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

QCE at Rosehill

Hurry Up!!! Ernie Dingle was getting so impatient! In the car before we had even begun to pack! We were off to the Q.C.E. at Rosehill, Sydney - he was especially excited because we were leaving on the Wednesday afternoon instead of Thursday morning.
This is why........
Yes - pea soup fog. We decided that 5am in the morning is not a good time to be driving through fog - it had been hanging around for days and we didn't want to come to grief with a kangaroo, wombat, stray cow, horse or even another vehicle! So we left on Wednesday arvo. This photo was taken at Cotton's Pinch at 2.30 in the afternoon - it was not too bad then, so you can imagine what it was like at night!
Bonnie Doon bridge - water everywhere! What a contrast to last year! Just a trickle under the bridge. Fans of the Australian film "The Castle", will recognize the area where the Kerrigan family had their holiday home (under electricity pylons!). When I was a little tacker we spent our holidays here - swimming, boating and fishing. Lovely memories.

Sunshine at last! We seemed to be the only car on the road.
Finally reached Rosehill - the hotel is opposite the racecourse. Ernie a very disappointed bear - a concrete block outside the window spoilt the view. He did want to watch the gee gees coming home from training early in the mornings, to their stables at the back of the local houses, or even catch a glimpse of Cat Woman again (a lady who fed all the local cats from her pusher - they waited for her every day).
So he drowned his sorrows. Yes - that is a bottle top on his head.
He's already checked the form for Saturday's race meeting.......
On Friday morning we walked to Westfield Shopping Centre at Parramatta. Grabbed a few bargains - Ernie had to try on my sunglasses to give me his approval.
What's that expression? Don't feed the bear, he's already stuffed.
Ernie loves his cappuccino.
Set up day in the next blog - I can't wait to catch up with Gail, Natalie and the others!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quiltaid 2011

I am working on a design for our 2011 Quiltaid charity quilt - there are twelve of us, each making a 12" block using these gorgeous fabrics. It's "Ruby" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda. Simply lovely!

The embroidery threads are Finca - lovely fine perle threads that compliment the fabrics beautifully.
I have an idea - you'll have to wait and see! Whatever it is, it will be quirky!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Q.C.E. and Trading Cards

At my quilting group (we meet once a month) we have been swapping trading cards - here is my collection of cards from the "Spring" challenge. I particularly liked the bright pink card at the top right. It is not very clear in the photo, but there is a little wire spring attached, with the words "into it" embroidered underneath ("Spring into it"). Clever Jo!!!!
The next challenge was an oriental one. Here are a few (below) that I made, and when we do the "swap", I'll post a photo of my collection. The Japanese writing is "quilt". I hope.
Ernie Dingle is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
He has already packed for our trip to Sydney for the Q.C.E. and he has selected his favourite listening for the car trip.
The Goon Show.
Eight recordings.
Oh dear.
He is a huge fan of Bluebottle, and becomes quite uncontrollable when "He's fallen in the water........"
He can't stop laughing.
I hope the cloud of volcanic ash doesn't upset out trip. Flights cancelled, and the roads could be busy.
Wish us luck!
P.S. Forgot to mention! We are at stand 76 with Gail Pan next to us, and Natalie Ross opposite! What a scream!!! Also our friends from Lloyd Curzon Textiles on the other side!!!