Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stuart Mill Part 5 and Time Warp

Jenny had "show and tell" - she made this for her son - it is a simply stunning quilt!
A wizard and a dragon .... the fabrics she chose create perfectly that fantasy look.
The dragon has lots of gold stitched on his body to give the appearance of scales.
More photos of the girls at work.
An appliqued teddy ........
........ adding the sashing to a baby's quilt ........
........ embroidery ........
........ scrapbooking ........ (as well as chatter!)
........ more embroidery ........
........ Himself trying to look interested ........
(I'm joking - he always takes an interest and knows far more about patchwork than he lets on!)
Now here's an interesting picture! (Time warp in a country town!)
I couldn't believe what we found hanging on the wall in the motel at St. Arnaud!
Back in the 1970's my Mum had the very same print on the wall in our lounge! The very height of "tasteful" fashion!
My photo has given it an orange hue, but the original is more greys and dark blues.
So my question is ........ has this one been hanging on the wall in that motel for 35 years?
P.S. Ernie is talking to us again! Is it because there is a trip coming up to Sydney? He's trying to worm his way back into our good books, so that we'll ask him to tag along.
(He'll probably come along as a stowaway anyway!)

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