Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stuart Mill Episode Three and Mice

Here's Jenny again with "Sew Busy Bears", another of my designs. Honestly, this patchworking girl has ALL of my patterns!
More pics of the ladies at work (or, I should say, play!).
Cosy spot for a cuppa and a stitch'n'chat!
Jenny and I had our mug shots taken - for the UFO Weekend archives, I think.
The ironing corner. Love those little table ironing boards - I have three of them! One even without legs.

Margaret(?) was busy working on some applique that involved that "shrinky" stuff that makes your fabric go all haywire - the effect is superb. However, she was having a problem with her machine needle making holes in the fabric. Needle was sharp, everything else fine, so we put it down to the fabric. It was a batik, and I find there can be the odd piece of batik that is quite difficult to sew. But from a distance it appeared fine - perhaps a wash will fix it?
Here's the finished heart.
Now onto the subject of mice. Yes, I had a mouse in our en-suite in the middle of the night. Now I don't get rattled by this sort of thing. Creepy crawlies, spiders and mice don't bother me. (Snakes bother me. Hate snakes. Won't go near them.)
So to the mouse. Grabbed a clear plastic container and after chasing the dratted thing around the floor, finally cornered it and slammed the container down over it. Slid a board under it, took it outside and threw it into the bushes.
Couldn't work out how it had come inside, but thought it may have been in some firewood.
Next evening, another one in the lounge! Got the plastic container, cornered and caught the mouse and out it went to join it's friend in the bushes (I can move quickly when it comes to little critters!). I hope there was a hungry owl nearby!
How on earth did they get in?
My friend Tiramisue solved the problem. It was so obvious! Our kitchen benches still have a gap under them. We didn't think that was the entry for the little rodents until she pointed out a crack, and that led to another crack, and that led to a large opening into the wall cavity! David was going to finish off the bench on the weekend, but in the meantime - a roll of packing tape and a meter of heavy duty plastic and "voila!".
A mouse barrier.
We hope.
As an added precaution, I put down rat poison under the cupboard (where no little children or pets can reach it). And a ton of it in the roof just to make sure.

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TiramiSue said...

You are a brave little soul. Last time one of the cats brought in a mouse, I literally did scream like a girl and jumped (no mean feat for the unathletic) on to the kitchen bench! The little blighters move too fast.