Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuart Mill and Annie

How do you like this! "Bug Bears" was lovingly made by Kerryn, the daughter-in-law of one of my quilting friends, Julie. Kerryn and Justin have a lovely little baby girl, Annie, and the quilt is hers. Annie has some health issues, and will be having an operation soon - and she's only five months old! Our warmest wishes go to Annie and her Mum and Dad. I really must add that this quilt is Kerryn's FIRST one!!!!!!! What a star!
Over the weekend David (who was suffering from a wobbly tummy) and I went to Stuart Mill, a tiny place near St. Arnaud in northern Victoria. Saturday was a lovely day, we arrived about mid-afternoon at the quilters' retreat - a UFO weekend organised by Jenny. Here's Jenny displaying her beautiful dolphin quilt.
The weekend is geared towards those who have unfinished objects - it's three days of "get them completed". But there was also a lot of fun, conversation, gossip, catching up with friends (some only see each other at these retreats), food, relaxation ........ etc.
Karyl (below) was the official photographer - her camera put my little one to shame! Now I know what I want for Christmas!
She was working on the most beautiful quilt.
Can you see Sherril's personalised sewing machine? One of the girls, Jen, was making these dinky designs on her computer and printing out the sticky vinyl silhouettes for everyone's sewing machine!
I was intrigued but more about that later.
Maree (thanks Jen!) is a keen cross-stitcher - here is the beginning of her work .......
..... and here is what it will be like when she's finished!
There was a lovely open fire in the hall - it was so snug and warm!
Someone had this quirky fabric - I didn't find out what they were going to use it for!
My idea of bliss - stitching in front of the fire!
Here's a cute little fellow! Jen (of the "name your sewing machine" fame), had fused little "Monkey Magic" to her fabric - she promised me that she would send me a photo of the finished article.
Jen, I'm holding you to that promise!!!
How's her name tag! It's just beautiful!
There was a cutting counter, and an ironing corner. Everything you could want! Bottomless tea and coffee, and scrumptious meals!
More in the next installment!


Joy said...

What a great post Liz ... and I just love those little vinyl name stickers, they're fabulous :o).
Joy :o)

Rosie Cragg said...

Hi Liz, I'm Jenny (the organiser's) sister, and I am so jealous of you for having been able to "pop in" to their UFO weekend. Unfortunately, firstly with young children and now living interstate, I've not been able to attend one yet! Thank you soooo much for the photos, it was fantastic to see them. I am always attending in spirit and heart, if not in person!!

I look forward to more pics!!

Mrs Greeny said...

Hi Liz, monkey Jen here, you will be pleased to know that I am already working on my other monkey designs and should have 6 completed soon so that I can get them all stitched down and then decide how I want to use them. I had the best weekend and came away really wanting to get stuck back in to some sewing, now to find the time, I know I will somehow. Anyway it was lovely to meet you and David and I am sorry Ernie Dingle couldn't make it, but it means you will have to come back again so that we can all meet him.


PS. it was Maree working on the cross stitch not Margaret.