Monday, May 2, 2011

A Spell for Bigger Boobs

"Wen i ewesd too bee a teecha", I taught the littlies (five year olds) - preps we call them here in Australia. (I hope you could understand all that!!) There was one Mum in particular, with whom I got on really well. I have never been overly endowed in the "bosom" area, although I did manage to successfully breast feed two large, hungry baby boys until they were nine months old!
This particular mum, who had heard the good-natured teasing about my small bustline, presented me with a birthday present (this was quite a few years ago). When I was cleaning out in readiness to move into the workroom I found the present. The card, "A Spell for Bigger Boobs", is above (you'll need a magnifying glass!).
But look what came with the card (below)!!!!!! Complete with fishnets!!!!!!
The kids in my class loved the bear, but they couldn't see anything unusual about it!
Such innocence.
Did you watch William and Kate on Friday? I'm an incurable romantic, and was glued to the screen for every moment. It was perfect. Except for the pretzel hat. Say no more.
How many of our menfolk said, "I'm not watching THAT rubbish!" Then spent the rest of the evening leaning over our shoulders peering intently at the telly?
I think they secretly love it all but will not admit it to their buddies.
Now take a look at this! Knit Your Own Royal Wedding! A must for any devoted fan of the monarchy! Get knitting girls!
(What will they think of next!)


Tiramisue said...

I think I must have said that verse in my sleep at some time......

The book was on the Ellen Show today. What a co-inkidince!


Karen said...

All I can say is be careful what you wish for!
Love the teddy!
Can't imagine knitting the royal wedding. Saw them all made up on the Graham Norton show the other night - what a scream!

Quilt Kitty said...

On seeing your post title I was wondering why a teddy would need bigger boobs but I see that that little lass doesn't! Too cute. Tracee xx