Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Significant Birthday and More of Stuart Mill.

But first of all - I have released a new little stitchery - "Welcome", with not a bear in sight, but cute little birdies!!!!
It is on the Teddlywinks website, but I'm still putting together the patterns. Then I'll be sending out newsletters.
It will be at the QCE (trade only) show at Rosehill, Sydney, in a couple of weeks time.
Rach made me a cake. Yes - it was a "significant" birthday for me (now I have an excuse for all the "forgetfulness" and doddering behaviour!). All the family came on Sunday - lots of lovely presents, good food, wine, coffee, company - what else could a person want?
Sean (with lots of spit!!!) and Archie "helped" me to blow out the candles.
Sue dropped in with gorgeous flowers and chocolates. The buds opened up beautifully in the warmth.
Had a lovely day, and when everyong had gone we settled down to watch Downton Abbey - what a corker that is going to be!
More flowers from my neighbours (and good friends) Janine and Andrew - and yes, that is a beautiful red waratah in the middle!
Now more of Stuart Mill, with a photo of something from a horror movie!
One of the girls is into doll making - isn't the head hideous!!! But when it's finished it will be a beautiful little baby doll!
Some of the girls were scrapbooking, and it was great to see them exchanging ideas and asking advice from their friends.
There was a cutting table for the patchworkers - they seemed to have everything well set up for the weekend.
More scrapbooking, this time with lots of photos.
More about Stuart Mill next time!
P.S. Time for a coffee and left-over birthday cake, then I really have to get stuck into the "Welcome" pattern!

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