Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Poem in response to "A Spell for Bigger Boobs".

A short poem by my friend TiramiSue, in response to my last blog, "A Spell for Bigger Boobs".

When I was 12, I wished and wished,
for a bosom to be proud,
I wished and wished and and got them,
so now I say out loud,
Be careful what you wish for,
be careful, trust in me,
If I lay down to watch TV,
I cannot see the screen.
I will not run, fast walks are best,
I cannot stand the bounce,
without support, its safe to say,
I shouldn't leave the house.
So be careful what you wish for,
be careful trust in me,
Stop at B or maybe C,
Forget those Double DD's........

(Such good advice .......)

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