Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ann's Quilt

I received an email from Ann today - she has completed "Grandpa's Little Treasures", but has personalised it by changing the words to Grandad instead, for her hubby! So here's "Grandad's Little Treasures"!
Ann has also changed the style of the writing, and I just love the "patchwork" fabric she has used for the rompers worn by the little bear on the right in the centre block (I had to compress the photo for the blog page, and it's much easier to see in the original photo).
Hasn't she done a beautiful job!
Thanks for sending me the photo Ann, and thanks for making it more meaningful to your family. I love seeing the finished quilts and I'm glad yours is not a UFO!!!!!
Weather has been brrrrr..... cold!!! We have finally used our new wood heater. Bliss!
We have another older one in our lounge that is in an old brick fireplace, but the new one is so much more efficient! I can see me sitting by this one on a cold, wet Winter's day, stitching away and listening to my favourite music .......
Paul's birthday tomorrow. We are going to their place for afternoon tea. I'm on scone/jam/cream duty. All the grandkids will be there. Mayhem!
Love it!


Bearly Sane said...

It's a lovely touch when people make a quilt their own, especially seeing they have put so much of themselves into the making.
The fire looks really good in that corner Liz...and yes I can imagine you sitting there snug as bug, sewing your little heart out!

Wendy said...

Anne has done a beautiful job. You must be so proud to see one of your creations brought to life!
The fire looks terrific - so cuddly and cosy - what a truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Enjoy!