Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Play Mat for Grandson No. 3.

It was our monthly quilt group this afternoon - it's a great way to do "boring" sewing - chatting whilst I put together the Paddington (disappearing nine patch) quilt blocks - a mat for our next grandson (not born yet) to lie on, roll around on, dribble on, sleep on, laugh on (or whatever!). The photo is a teeny tiny one, so you can't really see the pattern of cute little Paddington Bears.
With some leftovers I made up the borders for a little wall hanging (using my "Archie" pattern), for Sean. The Paddingtons are more clear in this photo.
Now - television. First there was Life on Mars. (If you have never heard of this show, read no further.) Gene Hunt and Sam Tyler. From the first episode we were hooked! A real pun of the seventies police. And a very bizarre story line. Just my style of viewing!
Then there was Ashes to Ashes. Gene Hunt (again) and Alex Drake. Another weird story line, and more send-ups, this time of the eighties police.
On Thursday night it was the last episode. In the final scene a newcomer was seen entering a cigarette smoke filled room of coppers, asking where his desk was and who took his I-phone. Not strange until you realise that it was set in the 1980's.
Is he another time traveller?
What is his story?
And will we get another series?
I certainly hope so!!!!!

P.S. This is tonight's treat! There's really not enough for two ........ will he notice?

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