Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't put Anything on the Shelves

This quilt is named "Green Farm Village" and I have had lots of people asking me how I was inspired. Here's the story.
It is all about memories of where my family came from in Wales. Several years ago David and I visited the lovely Welsh countryside just outside Cardiff where my Mum grew up. She lived, as a child, in a house called "The Lodge", which is attached to a cemetery where my Grandpa was employed. The road leading to the house is Green Farm Lane. Development has taken place, with modern homes built in Green Farm Lane, although the original double story home still stands (in a somewhat forlorn state!).
Mum and Dad (a scot) where married just after the Second World War, in the parish church of St. Georges, a small but beautiful church consecrated around 1236. The church and graveyard remain in a rural setting - the lane leading to the church being only one car width! We were excited that the photos we took did not differ much from wedding photos taken in 1946!
I'll scan some old photos and post them next time.
What are pyjama-clad legs doing in my blog?
The carpet has been laid, and we are enjoying it!!!!!!!! Bare feet, sitting on it, lying on it ........
It's so cosy!!!!!!!
The photo below shows The Mess when the carpet layers had left.
David started putting together the shelving for the workrook, right in the middle of The Mess, and his last words before going to work the next day were, "Don't put anything on the shelves".
Red rag to a bull!
On went the teddies!!!!
Over this weekend the challenge is to put all the shelves together, in their rightful place along the wall in the workroom. Then start to put The Mess away!!!!!
Wish me luck!!!!!
P.S. This is Malcolm. He looks after my spectacles. I was always losing them because they are frameless and hard to see. My friend Detty gave him to me.
He's named after a former Australian Prime Minister. Can you guess who? And can you see the resemblance?


Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears said...

Love those sexy PY's Liz! I love that quilt and the story that goes with it.

BTW I had a lovely time yesterday...David is a real chatterbox...almost as bad as us! LOL! I had no idea it was so late until I got into the car and saw the time...hope I didn't delay your evening meal too badly.

The ink jet film is called Inky Shrinks from

Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane / Ess D'Ess Bears

Jeanette said...

The quilt & story are fabulous. What a good idea Malcolm is & yes i can see why you called it Malcolm. :) Happy Stitching,

Cath Ü said...

Malcolm is an apt name... even looks like him... LOL

I can relate to the mess you have there... only I am not getting new carpet... I have just run out of room... LOL
Cath Ü