Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm back! Haven't blogged for a while - I've forgotten how!
Above is Archie. Now where did I get my inspiration, I wonder!?
The pattern will be on the website soon - and all you wonderful grandmas can personalise one for those gorgeous little grandsons in your lives!
We looked after Archie last week while Rach played basketball. It was a hot night, and the little darling simply lay on the floor talking and smiling, he had his bottle, then kept talking to anyone or anything that appeared in his line of vision, including the pattern on the blanket, then promptly went to sleep! His Mum and Dad are very relaxed with him, so he is a very happy baby!
Don't worry - there will also be a pattern soon for the "girlie" version of Archie, coming soon.
Here's a shot taken on Christmas Day - Susanne had a machine that pushed out hundreds of bubbles, and after racing round like a mad thing trying to burst them all, Sean figured it was better to stand still and watch! Their garden looked like fairy land - he was fascinated!
Workroom news - electrician has finished, plasterer has finished, plumber will finish drains tomorrow, air-conditioning done. Final trim later this week. Painter (moi!) has only applied undercoat. Tiler (Himself) hasn't started.
Photos coming soon!
P.S. I'm over having tradesman crawling all over the place. This week has been especially bad, with plumber, electrician, air-con guys and plasterer here. Sometimes I just want everyone to go away and leave me alone in the corner. But it will all be worth it!

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