Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mystery Design

Here's a sneak preview of a new design. She must be a princess - she's wearing a crown! (Or is she a queen?)
Thorny bougainvillea - is this for hacking through by a handsome prince?
All will be revealed soon!
I have been literally "throwing paint at the walls", and am heartily sick of it. If it sticks, so be it. If it doesn't, it wasn't meant to be there! (Joking!) Last night I heard a voice say, "Have you finished this bit yet?" (There was a tiny paint drip and a couple of miniscule bumps.) He very nearly wore a coat of paint from the tin I was holding!
However, my workroom is complete, except for floor coverings, and this depends on the finances! We are going shopping for shelving and other assorted "sundries" - IKEA here we come, complete with Family card for free coffee!!!!!!
It will be filled with all my "good" junk in a couple of weeks time.
Great time to de-clutter.
Or not.
I'll probably regret it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poor Woody

The doors to paradise are in! Window frames and architraves are in! And I have been painting - it's taking so long because I can't get a good run at it - I wish I could take a week off to do it all!
I'm thinking that this weekend is looking good - weather not too hot, nothing planned, so it will be paint, paint, paint, for two days, and perhaps dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights from the plethora of take-away establishments in Mount Evelyn. Honestly, what was the local council thinking when all those permits were granted?
This is the back of my kitchen bench. The gumboots are our footwear of choice these days - the very weird rain we have been putting up with has added to our mud problems around the extension - THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SUMMER!!!!!!! IT WILL BE AUTUMN NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!
My "bare" workroom. Now .... is there going to be enough room?
Woody (below) is the first casualty of the extension. He was made for me by a good friend who has taken up wood turning. Woody took pride of place on the bookshelf, but last week he jumped off (well that's my story - I think he was attention seeking). The house is in such a mess that I'm surprised that he is the only thing damaged!
Barry is going to operate - microsurgery on legs and ear. Barry - you are my new best friend!
If the truth be known, this little lady pushed him over the edge!
We have put her back in her body bag so that she can do no more harm. Vicious little madam!
(My daughter-in-law, Susanne, who has a wonderful sense of humour, gave her to me.)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Painting Day Part 2

We had a choice of beautiful stitcheries to destroy with our amateurish attempts at painting! The one above is mine.
However, our fears were groundless, because EVERYONE produced a masterpiece! Libby is such a good teacher - she explains everything so clearly.
The girls were quite nervous about putting paintbrush to calico, but once started they took to it like ducks to water.
We even had "foreman material" - Orion took great interest in the proceedings, while his Mum, Sam, watched intently, and put paintbrush to fabric.

I wondered out loud who was going to be the first to dip their paintbrush in their coffee!

This was the "naughty table".

Every now and then there was a shriek of dismay - a mistake or a paint run - but Libby quite calmly "fixed" our little disasters with the minimum of fuss. A little dab here, and a little blot there ..... simple really!

Above is Denise's work, and below is a very happy Denise with her completed painting. Now all she has to do is the stitching .......
The workbelow is mine, with some of the embroidery started.
What a lovely day we had. I hope Marilyn plans another soon! If she does, I'll let you know, Sandi!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Painting with Libby Richardson

Here it is, Emmy Rose - the "girlie" version of Archie. Both are now on my website so if you have a new baby somewhere in your world, these are the best gift! I have made one for my little grandson, Archie, and am in the middle of stitching one for Sean, and there will have to be a third for our next grandchild, due in April!
This is the state of our extension - as you can see, the sewing and designing carries on regardless! But I'm totally over it all! Just want to hide in a corner with a good book!
If you have ever renovated or extended you'll know what I mean!
So on Tuesday I took myself off to The Patchwork Tea House in Warburton for a bit of fun and relaxation - to learn how to paint on fabric, something I have done before, but not in the style of Libby Richardson who was our teacher for the day. Libby and I usually see each other at the trade shows, for fleeting moments between customers, so we had a more leisurely "catch up" during the painting session.
Here are some photos of the day - Libby is wearing WHITE!!!!!!! And she makes it look all too easy!!!!!!
We, a very nervous group, were sent to our tables to paint a flower on a scrap of calico. It was just as well, because we all made mistakes doing it - taught us a few valuable lessons in preparation for "The Real Thing".How to dilute the paint, which colours are stronger than others, not to get the brushes mixed up, make sure each section is dry before tackling the next .... etc!
I wore an old shirt because I'm a paint magnet. (David said that we'd run out of undercoat when I was painting the workroom .... I assured him that I'd bought enough ..... he said I was wearing most of it ..... men!) Still managed to get paint on my t-shirt.
It is a challenge trying to get Annmarie (one of Marilyn's patchwork elves) to smile for a photo! She has a cup of tea permanently attached to one hand!
This is Denise. She is a Patchwork Tea House-aholic. Can be seen there quite often - I think it must be her natural habitat.
More about the painting day next time, with the task we were set revealed.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I'm back! Haven't blogged for a while - I've forgotten how!
Above is Archie. Now where did I get my inspiration, I wonder!?
The pattern will be on the website soon - and all you wonderful grandmas can personalise one for those gorgeous little grandsons in your lives!
We looked after Archie last week while Rach played basketball. It was a hot night, and the little darling simply lay on the floor talking and smiling, he had his bottle, then kept talking to anyone or anything that appeared in his line of vision, including the pattern on the blanket, then promptly went to sleep! His Mum and Dad are very relaxed with him, so he is a very happy baby!
Don't worry - there will also be a pattern soon for the "girlie" version of Archie, coming soon.
Here's a shot taken on Christmas Day - Susanne had a machine that pushed out hundreds of bubbles, and after racing round like a mad thing trying to burst them all, Sean figured it was better to stand still and watch! Their garden looked like fairy land - he was fascinated!
Workroom news - electrician has finished, plasterer has finished, plumber will finish drains tomorrow, air-conditioning done. Final trim later this week. Painter (moi!) has only applied undercoat. Tiler (Himself) hasn't started.
Photos coming soon!
P.S. I'm over having tradesman crawling all over the place. This week has been especially bad, with plumber, electrician, air-con guys and plasterer here. Sometimes I just want everyone to go away and leave me alone in the corner. But it will all be worth it!