Thursday, January 20, 2011

Teddy's Body Detail

You'll notice that this teddy is made in two pieces - his head and his body.
Ooooh ..... no, he's in four pieces. He has paw pads as well!
Ooooh ..... no again, he's in five pieces. He has a nose as well!
In my previous blogs I explained how I make the noses, and also how to prevent blanket stitches around curves from rolling over. This time, I'm giving you the secrets of finishing off the body detail.
I use an acid free permanent marker (Zig Millennium brown with a very fine tip) to mark in the arms, legs, etc (do this over a light box before you fuse your teddy onto the background fabric).
Work the rows of blanket stitch along these lines for definition - as you can see in the photos.
And, "voila!", below we have the finished teddy!
Must dash - I have triple choc-chip muffins and coffee a-waiting. And Himself is hanging around. Wonder what he wants?
P.S. Anyone who orders two or more patterns from my website will receive a free mystery pattern (until the end of February). Because I'm feeling generous!

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