Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Noses, Birds and Views

This is for all the ladies out there who keep asking me how I get my nose so neat and even (that's the bears' noses, not mine!). Here's my secret and it's really quite easy. Fuse a nose shape onto the teddy's face and use it as a template - simply satinstitch over this shape and there you have it! The photo above gives you a better idea. When you've finished, give it a press - it's amazing how ironing can even out stitching as well!
Remember in my last blog I showed you the little burrow in our garden? My friend Sue came up trumps - she knew what the birds are. Pardelotes! We have named them Port-a-loo and Passe Partout. Quite brave little birds. They like to sit in the bush over their nest and wait until all is clear until they dart back in. "I know you're there and I'm not going back into my nest until you've gone because I don't want you to know where it is!"
Baby bird names ..... hmmm ..... Pantaloon, Party Plan, Pas de Deux ..... any more ideas?
By the way - you HAVE to go the Sue's blog and meet the new Irishman in her life. His name is O'Reilly. That's all I'm saying.
It was our monthly quilt group last Saturday - the first for 2011. This is the view from our meeting room. It's amazing we get anything done!
P.S. Our thoughts are with everyone in Queensland and New South Wales - they are going through the most traumatic times with the floods up there. They were magnificent during our bushfires a couple of years ago, and now it's our turn to be able to offer assistance.
My thanks for all the emails from overseas - we are fine here, although there are small parts of Victoria that have been flooded and people evacuated.
Also - let's not forget the Western Australians who have suffered bushfires - talk about a country of natural disasters! Droughts and flooding rains! Bushfires! It really tests the Aussie spirit.

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