Monday, January 17, 2011

Blanketstitch Woes

Does this happen to you? Does your blanket stitch curl over on those tight curves? Here's what to do to prevent this from happening.
Work your blanket stitch as usual (see above).
Before working the next stitch, put your needle through to the back of your work, right next to where your previous stitch ends (see above).
Then bring your needle back through to the front, inside the previous stitch (see above).
Then keep working the blanket stitching as usual.
I like to make one of these "anchor" stitches every three or four stitches on tight curves such as a bear's ears.
Yesterday I opened the laundry door to put out the washing (yes - we actually had a day without rain!), and found I had a visitor! A HUGE praying mantis took a liking to my screen door! (Doesn't the camera pick out the dirty door!!!!!) His body was four inches long.
Here he is from the outside - you can see him "praying". Isn't he (or she) a beauty!
I carefully transferred him/her to a nearby bush. He was getting a bit spaced out with all the door swinging!
Here in Victoria the flood situation has worsened. There are now 43 towns affected, with many, many people evacuated from their homes. It is unbelievable to think that not long ago, we were suffering from severe drought and the landscape was brown and dry. What grass there was in our back yard was "crunchy" to walk on.
In Queensland the "big clean up" is happening. Let's hope that they get a reprieve from the rain for a while! I heard today that one of the patchwork shops that we supply patterns to, Patchwork Paradise, in Rockhampton, has been flooded. Margaret, if you read this, I hope it doesn't take too long to put your shop back together - I'll be in touch soon.

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BubzRugz said...

A real hit the forehead moment - of course an anchor stitch would help... thanks for the tip...
I am struggling to get round all this flooding .....