Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boxing Day

A rogue's gallery - the boys in a one-in-a-million photo. It took me 35 shots to get this one!
Don't you just love Boxing Day?
I do.
NOTHING happens here ...... we usually do very little.
Nothing to cook because there's tons of leftover turkey.
No-one knocking on the door because they are probably doing what we're doing ..... nothing. Or going away for their hols!
The neighbourhood is quiet. They're all probably at the Boxing Day sales. Couldn't think of anything worse. Camping out from midnight just to get crushed in the crowd of bargain hunters. Better things to do ..... like ..... nothing!
(I won't mention the washing, though ..... or the dirty floors ..... or the mess leftover from yesterday .....)
Yesterday Sean was tickled pink to see Santa on our neighbour's front lawn - he's usually on the roof, (Santa, that is, not Sean!) but this year health and safety prevailed and it was thought that two feet firmly planted on the ground was the go.
This must be why it's called Boxing Day (LOL) - there was a bit of biffo going on outside this morning.
The King parrots arrived - we have stopped feeding them because of the cat problem, but I think they were attracted by the shiny, sparkly baubles. So out went some seed.
But who arrived soon after? Yes - the feisty little lorrikeets who will scare the pants off any birds larger than themselves!
There was a bit of a punch-up (hence "Boxing" Day), and the lorrikeets tucked in - but the other parrots did not give up too easily and a fragile peace prevailed.
This is one of the reject photos from the attempt to "achieve a desirable outcome" in the boy's photo category! Archie was the culprit - trying to pull his Grandpa's ear! Hope your Chrissy was a great one!
P.S. Sue's Christmas card this year features O'Reilly in drag (whoops - not dressed in drag, but sporting a pair of antlers, some tinsel and a very red nose)! There were lots of comments about the "shaggy reindeer" .......

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

You really have to take a look at Sue's Christmas wish!
O'Reilly really needs to "choose what to chew" wisely - Mummy has ways of dealing with him!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Have Staff

Yes - "The Day" arrived!
What day, you ask?
Yesterday was David's "Significant Birthday". Yes, he's now officially retired (or so I'd like him to think! Little does he know that he will be very busy - I now have staff! Unpaid staff)!
But to celebrate (and keep him happy) I took him out for lunch. But not any ordinary lunch. He was treated to a first class three hour tour (sounds very Gilligan Islandish!), a "natter platter", Crown lager, coffee and scones. All on Puffing Billy!
This was our carriage .......
This was our lunch .......
A sideways salad ....... still haven't worked out how to turn the pic the right way up!
On the way to Lakeside .......
David trying to look nonchalant.......
And a very festive Puffing Billy he was!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas for the Kiddies

I have my little wall hanging, "Teddy in a Tangle", in our family room - it comes in a pattern called "Double the Christmas Fun". Yes - I have decorated for the kiddies in our family - and the tree over our deck is wearing it's finery just for them! Decorations are so cheap! I couldn't resist the red baubles to go with last year's gold - next year I'll add more colours!
And our Christmas tree inside has more bling. But still not enough.
I wonder what the possums will make of them!
Or the cockatoos! Ooooh ..... shiney, sparkly fruit!!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Apprentice

I've finished a Christmas Stocking for Josh - now all three grandboys have one (he'd actually fit quite comfortably inside this one!). All that needs to be done now is for Santa to fill it with lots of loot!
How about this! The apprentice.
"Watch and learn" said Grandpa, while he was repairing one of Archie's toys. Archie found the tools very appealing, particularly as he is teething and everything goes in his mouth!
P.S. I definitely think my tree needs more bling!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He has found the Christmas tree

Same day, another blog!
Our tree - complete with two Santa sacks circa 1978 that I made for the boys when they were little! On the wall is my quilt, "A Teddy Bear Christmas".
Now that David has made the rod a permanent fixture I'll have to find something to hang there that won't go "poof" when we light the fire in the colder months!
And you guessed it - Archie has found the tree!
I was inspired to post this blog by the view from our kitchen sink - our neighbours have some glorious lillies in their garden, and complete with the old seeder, it makes a lovely outlook for us! And we don't have to lift a finger to enjoy it!
I think my tree needs more bling ....

High Tea at The Patchwork Tea House

At The Patchwork Tea House there is an intrepid group of ladies who show up once a month to work on their BOMs. They are a delightful bunch who always thoroughly enjoy themselves, stitching (a little), eating (moderately) and chatting (a lot!). It is a great way for them to compare notes on their projects, share techniques and generally have a good time.
For their Christmas break-up they decided to have one of the Tea House's sumptuous high teas.
Marilyn, Gary and Helen didn't let them down - what a high tea it was! Here's Trish, caught unawares in her Christmas finery, reading something to the others.
One of the girls had finished this gorgeous festive quilt and was proudly displaying it - and quite rightly too!
Gary was put to work assembling some new cake plates while the girls were stitching. He looks most impressed, doesn't he (trying to get them straight)!!!?
The girls had their usual spot in the window with a lovely outlook - and Kris Kringle pressies on the table!
And then the feast! A real visual feast as well as a taste treat!
Little sandwiches, cakes, scones (real cream and home made jam), slices, little "quichey" things ...... I put on three pounds just looking at it!
I tell you what - they made short work of it all - this sewing lark really builds an appetite!!!!
What a day .....
..... I think they all went home happy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilt Aid 2011

"Little Frog" is my block for the 2011 Quilt Aid program - it is now taking place in Australia, Europe and America!
Quilt Aid raises funds for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia and you can read more by clicking on the logo below.
The Quilt Aid website also gives you links to the European and American programs.
There are twelve gorgeous blocks by twelve of our top Aussie designers which make up the "Whimsy and Wonder" theme and each shop taking part has designed their very own finishing kit.
Treat yourself to a visual feast and view all blocks on the website - and do your bit for ladies who are are living in very much more unfortunate circumstances than ourselves.
P.S. What a great gift for someone special in your life!

Little Birds

Lookie, lookie, lookie! This is an example of what can be done with one of my little stitchery packs! Jacquie sent me the photo and said, "Thought you might like to see what I turned the first of my Christmas Tweets into. It's just the right size to put purse, phone, list and pen in when Christmas shopping. (And it's big enough for smallish teddies to stow away in as well).
It's a cute little bag - looks easy to make, and as Jacquie said, so handy for Christmas shopping when you don't want to be carrying too much around!
So come on girls, get cracking with the ideas!
This is a bit of a "bitsy" blog - I'm jumping from one thing to another! A few weeks ago David and I spent a Saturday at Patchwork Passion in Cranbourne and one of the ladies had her "Let's Play Ladies" to show.
Lots of "Ooohs" and "Aah"s from the ladies present!
And a very proud (understandably) owner!
"Bitsy" blog again - Roger has appeared out of hibernation again. Or is it Son of Roger?
We're not sure. He (or she) looks slightly different. Or is it Mrs. Roger?
Archie turned one last week. Big birthday bash & barbarcue at Lilydale Lake - here he is with Sean, his cousin. A couple of very happy kids!
Just look at Josh's hoodie!!!! It was sent out from Holland about 14 years ago, and has done the rounds of all the kids in the family and still looks as good as new!
A photo worth a thousand words!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

AQM 2011

Here we are again, at the AQM in Jeff's Shed (with Sexpo in the next hall!!! What a combination - one selling patchwork and quilting supplies, and the other selling .?????. supplies!!!).
Ernie Dingle took up his usual position surveying his domain.
Our stand was quite "eye catching" to say the least.
The zig-zaggy frame at the front, with the quilts draped over it, is half of the playpen we use for Archie and Josh when they are at our place - a multi-purpose piece of equipment!
This was the view from our hotel room - over towards Docklands. Hmmm..... One day we'll strike it lucky and get a prettier outlook. But then, we don't spend much time in the hotel!

However, same view at night. Much nicer when you can't see the grotty bits.
It was just lovely to catch up with friends from the patchwork world. Here's Sue from Mallee Country Crafts.
A rogue's gallery! Michelle on the left is the designer behind the Brittannia Creek label.
Karen next to her is the owner of Mrs. Martin's Quilt Shop in Emerald, Victoria.
Next to her is Bronwyn, who took a liking to Ernie - he found himself in the arms of an adoring fan!
Below, Jo from Sewjo Designs, took my place for the photo.
Look who was just down the aisle from us! Conversation and laughter was non-stop with Jenny, Natalie, Anni, Gail and Brenda!
Oh dear. Ernie .......
Don't you just love the little designs the baristas put on top of your coffee? I always look forward to what will appear when I take off the lid. I think I'll issue a challenge - a barista who can do a teddy!!!!!
We have both hit a brick wall this week - it has been an extremely busy November, and Christmas is looming .....
But David's on the countdown - only ten working days until he retires. Hooray!!!!

P.S. Little does he know that he will still be working.
P.P.S. For me.
P.P.P.S. And for no pay!!!!
P.P.P.P.S. I'll have staff (manic laughter)!!!