Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Many Sleeps To Go

Only four sleeps to go! Until the Woodend Teddy Bear Show!
"If you go down to Woodend today, you're sure of a big surprise ...." (sung to the tune of The Teddy Bears' Picnic").
My wall hanging, Sun Bears, is my charity quilt. I donate the proceeds from the sale of the pattern to Free the Bears Fund Inc. Every little bit helps the plight of those gorgeous bears in Asia.
I can't wait!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love My Teddy Bear

"Love My Teddy Bear" is a little stitchery that I have just completed - it will be available on the website and in the shops soon. I was hoping to have the patterns ready for the Woodend Teddy Bear Show, but I have loads to do - we'll have to wait and see!
Fiona commented on Sean's Christmas stocking - you should have a sticky beak at hers! Last night I was reading her blog and you should have heard the "Oohing" and "Aahing" coming from Himself standing behind me - he was quite impressed and it's not easy to impress him!
And my friend Sue has done it again! You should see the gorgeous apron she has designed (with the fuller figure in mind), I defy anyone to get cream/gravy/flour/icing/etc on themselves wearing this little number!
Bear Hugs,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas is Coming

I made this Christmas stocking for Sean two years ago - now I have to make another one for Mark and Rachael's baby, due next week! And another for a little brother or sister for Sean due next April! I had to borrow Sean's so that I could cut a pattern from it - we can't have different sizes, can we?!! But each stocking will have a different picture in the middle, of course.
It's only two months until Christmas!
Will our workroom be completed? I certainly hope so, or I won't be very happy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bears that Care

"Grandpa's Little Treasures" is completed! I just have to write up the pattern and take a decent photo - it will be on the website, soon!
In the meantime, here are a couple of pics to tease you!

I received an email from my friend Kerri Botwood, of Kerri's Bundle of Bears, telling me all about an auction of artist bears. Here are the details:

Melbourne’s biggest charity auction of collectible national and international bears is back in town - and you’re invited to join in the fun at the Bears that Care 2010!This extraordinary fundraising event in support of the Fight Cancer Foundation’s ovarian cancer project will be held on Friday 12th November 2010 and will be hosted by Rebecca Maddern (Channel 7) in support of the Fight Cancer Foundation’s ovarian cancer research and test development program (Ovcare).

Join other bear artists and collectors at 6:30 for 7:00 pm at the RACV Club 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne (map).


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More from the quilters' retreat at Arrabri Lodge

More goodies from my "goodie bag"! A little bundle of fabrics, and a dinky little torch on a tape measure lanyard! Just the thing for Arrabri Lodge - the accommodation is in cabins set around the main buildings and recreation halls - so at night, a torch comes in handy! (And, of course, a tape measure for patchworkers is always useful!!!)
While David started to pack up (he's very useful to have around!) Marlene took me on a tour -
I remember taking grade 3 and 4 children to Arrabri Lodge and it was "spartan" to say the least. But there are new owners and they have done wonders! A lick of paint, lovely gardens, outdoor furniture and a pool, and the recreation hall was being put to good use - there were tables set up and the girls were quietly working away - groups completing U.F.Os, a winding ways quilt, a mystery quilt, a bag, paper piecing ...... etc.
We left some avid fans watching the last episode of "The Bill" in front of the log fire, and drove home through the misty mountains after a really enjoyable evening.
We caught up on The Bill (recorded - I wasn't going to miss out!) on Sunday night.
P.S. We have half a frame!
Don't take any notice of the office chair - I was just making use of the frame to hang a quilt for photos - I sit on the chair to keep steady. Anyway, I was practicing being in my workroom!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Goodie Bag

All the ladies at the Victorian Patchworkers and Quilters UFO Retreat at Arrabri Lodge received a goodies bag. An guess what? I was given one as well!
I love a surprise. Inside the bag, amongst other things, was a bowl of lollies. Or so we thought.
Yum yum. David was actually drooling (he loves lollies)! I was a bit suspicious because, well, I know how the minds of patchworkers work.
Voila! Each "lolly" was a folded and rolled 6" square! Imagine the time it took to make each one! There were around 50 ladies there, each one receiving a goodie bag.
And that's not all. On each dining table there were a dozen more to share (causing a fight over colours at our table)! So the school teacher in me took over and I had the ladies taking turns to choose their favourite colours.
More next time!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Christmas Time for Teddy Bears

Joy from Queensland sent me this photo - hasn't she done such a beautiful job making up "Christmas Time for Teddy Bears"! She has has made it a more manageable size for the wall where it is to be displayed - where her grandchildren will be sleeping at Christmas. Can you imagine them looking at it as they drop off to sleep?
Her very talented hubby made the hanger - he should go into business!
Thanks for sending me the photo Joy!

Patchworkers and Quilter's Guild Retreat

On Saturday night I was invited to talk to the Patchworkers & Quilter's Guild at their annual retreat at Arrabri Lodge, East Warburton. What a night it was! The theme was a UFO weekend, and so there was much hilarity - some of the ladies dressed "appropriately"!! Here are Jenny (above left) and Marlene (right) looking simply gorgeous!
The ladies above are the "Unidentified Frying Objects". Complete with "patchwork" pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc.
Above are the Flying Purple People Eater, and a Space Cowboy, and the photo below is of a creature named "Blok-du-mumf", who came all the way from the planet "Not-Quite-Finished".
(Note the wine glass - it didn't take this creature long to settle into Earth man's ways!)
More about the UFO weekend next time!
Not many sleeps to go until the Woodend Teddy Bear Show! I'll be there! Drop in and say hello!
Cheery bye!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kamikaze Moth

A moth with a death wish! It was a warm evening, I was busily photocopying a new pattern (I had a deadline to meet!), window was open, moths fluttering around outside the window attracted by the light. How the little blighter got through the flywire heaven knows.
It must have crawled onto the master sheet just as it was fed into the copier. Bingo! Its photo was taken! It achieved immortality on page nine of the pattern (thank goodness it was only a run of thirteen copies, so I was able to easily pull out the offending pages).
This is how I make my quilt labels. I work out the text on the computer, then find a font that I like. Adjust the size, print it off, and then trace onto the fabric. I use a Zig Millennium pen - one that is acid free and permanent (usually used by scrapbookers), but with a very fine tip, in a light brown colour. The embroidery thread completely covers the lines and I have no trouble with "bleeding" ink.
"Grandpa's Little Treasures" will be revealed next week!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grandpa's Little Treasures coming soon

I have treasured memories of my Grandpa - a gentle and patient grandfather who always had time for me and my brothers, as we helped him in his garden and tool shed. We were shown how to use and care for his tools and were encouraged to make all sorts of "things". We even had a tree house in his garden, in the old plum tree.
This is Grandpa! In his car! It's part of a new design, "Grandpa's Little Treasures", which will be available soon.
Here are a couple more sneak previews - made up in Moda's "Pure" range. The diamonds are just right for Grandpa's vest!
A scarecrow in his vegie patch - a necessity!
Yesterday saw a very strange sight. Our neighbour, Andrew, gave David a hand to weld a few bits and pieces together - I'm not asking, I'm leaving all that to the men - but the umbrella had me stumped! It was a lovely, sunny day, but not that hot - all was revealed when Andrew came up for air. The sun was hitting the back of his visor/helmet and he couldn't see what he was doing! So David to the rescue with my big golf umbrella (I don't play golf, but it's a very handy size!). Andrew appears as a big lump in the first photo, but you can see him at work in the second.
That's Andrew's son, Daniel. He was apprentice for the day.
That umbrella was so handy when I was teaching. UV protection for when I was on yard duty. I have very fair skin. I swear I could fit a whole class of preps under that big umbrella (well ... that's a bit of an exaggeration!)!
A visitor to the garden! Laughing his head off!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picnic Time for Teddy Bears in South Africa

Gloria from South Africa sent me this photo of her gorgeous version of Picnic Time for Teddy Bears
She has grandchildren and great grandchildren - they must adore her!
It makes me feel like a "learner Grandma"!!! We are expecting our second grandchild in a couple of weeks, and our third in April next year. I can't believe that it has gone from no grandchildren, to three, in the space of 2 and a half years!
It is such a special feeling to know that the patterns I design are being made with so much love, for all those littlies (and not so little!) around the world.
Thank you Gloria, for sending me the photo.