Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bread and Butter

Here's another teaser for you! These are fabrics from Kaye England's "Bread and Butter" range, from Wilmington Prints (once again, the photo is not a good one - it makes the colours look a bit drab). I have a new design, all will be revealed soon - I'll be making up two quilts, one from each range.
I've nearly completed the "Pure" quilt - trying frantically to get it ready for Gail B - she will have kits available soon. The "Bread and Butter" quilt will take a few more weeks to get finished - both are going to look fab.
Meanwhile, back to the mess outside. Ernie loves power tools. He helped David on the weekend, checking his levels for the sleeper retaining wall. Wanted to use the saw but it was a bit beyond him!
The timber for the frame will be arriving next week. Can't wait!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ernie Dingle Has Lost His Bedroom

Oh dear, the photo does not do this fabric justice! The colours are a bit washed out. Take it from me, "Pure" from Moda, is a lovely range, and you'll just have to wait and see what I'm doing with it!
Can you see Ernie? He's busy contemplating "The Slab" - planning where to put his bed, toy box, TV, clothes, etc ....... I've got news for him! Back to his old bedroom!
Delivery of timber next week, so hopefully the frame will go up the week after. As you can see, we have the sun on the windows in the afternoon - makes it very hot in the Summer (not that we have had much warm weather lately!) but when the workroom is built, we won't have any windows on that side, which will make for a cooler house.
Bye for now,

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rusty Pins

In goes another one! Pins, that is.
The man of the house got fed up with picking up bent, rusty or blunt pins (I scatter them around with gay abandon). He grabbed a yoghurt container (ate the yoghurt first because he LOVES it), disappeared up the back yard to the man shed, drilled a hole in the lid, taped the lid on securely, reappeared in the house and proudly placed it in front of my sewing machine.
No excuses now. In go the old pins, needles and anything else that is sharp.
Am I the only one who regularly breaks sewing machine needles? Usually at least one every time I'm sewing. The pins get in the way. Therefore, one broken needle and one bent pin!
What a man!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lang Lang

Ernie Dingle accompanied us to Lang Lang on Saturday. He loves a day out! David and I were invited to talk to a quilting group at the local community centre - it was a cold, damp day outside but we were cosy and warm inside! While we were busy setting up the quilts and patterns, Ernie quietly worked his way through two cupcakes and a mug of cocoa!
Lo, who organised the day, had raffles and prizes for the ladies. It was bottoms up - looking for the lucky seat!
Here's a winner - a happy recipient of a Teddlywinks pattern!
David and Caitlyn drew all the tickets - but had trouble at times deciphering the names!
How's this for enthusiasm! That's Lo on the right.
Kim must have bought most of the tickets - she won several prizes! (We called her the greedy girl!)
The ladies all had a lovely afternoon, especially knowing that the proceeds of the day will be donated to breast cancer research.
It has been go, go, go for the past couple of months - we had Rachael's baby shower yesterday and had a really happy afternoon. She has only six or seven weeks to go but is feeling very uncomfortable and can't wait for "D" (delivery) day!
I think I'll go and curl up in a corner for a nap!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kiddy Disappearing Nine Patch

Here it is! Finished. I didn't add a border, just a wider than usual binding. Otherwise the quilt would have been too big and I don't think it needed a border. It's for our new grandchild who hasn't been born yet - to put on the floor for rolling around on and it can be used either side up - toys (and babies!) could be lost amongst all those bright colours!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trading Cards

I've been making quilter's trading cards - and having fun doing it! The size is 2 1/2" X 3" and instead of card to make them stiff, I have been using the new stiff iron-on bag lining. It works a treat, making the cards nice and firm (but not thick) and as a bonus, I can back the cards with fabric. This means that the message can be either written with a permanent fabric marker, or if you are industrious, it can be embroidered!
Why am I making these? Earlier this year, I joined the quilting group at our local community house. We meet once a month, with the odd "mystery quilt" day thrown in for good measure. They are a great bunch of girls - I seem to have so easily slipped into the group as if I had been going for years! Very warmly welcomed.
So that's why I'm making the cards - we are doing a trading card "swap" later in the year and we have to make nine. I hope mine measure up! (I suppose I'd better do some with bears on them!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Planes and Helicopters

How gorgeous is this! I just had to have it! Found it at Gail B's in Bayswater, Victoria - I'm going to use it as backing for the disappearing nine patch quilt I made at the Mystery Quilt day recently. I'm hoping to complete it this week, so you will see the end result soon!
Just to jog your memory - here are some of the girls furiously sewing, with my quilt on the floor in the "putting it together" stage.
Happy stitching!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Sunday 31st October - keep this date marked on your calendar because it's the Woodend Teddy Bear Show. And we'll be there! We have been going to Victoria's premier teddy bear show since it was conceived several years ago, by a lady with vision - Kerri Botwood, who has a lovely little teddy bear shop, Kerri's Bundle of Bears, in Woodend, Victoria. Proceeds from this show go to various wildlife funds such as Free the Bears, and Animals Asia.
David and I are staunch supporters of Mary Hutton and the Free the Bears Fund, and we are privileged to be able to sponsor a sun bear, Bobo, who lives in a sanctuary in Thailand. The photo above is a wall hanging which I designed and we donate the proceeds of the sale of this pattern to the Free the Bears Fund. This little wall hanging is Travelling Teds - one of my very first designs, and still a favourite with my customers! It was inspired by our first trip overseas, to the U.K.
I "adopted" several teddies, my suitcase was full of them! My hand luggage actually growled at a fellow passenger who nudged it as he was stowing his bag in the overhead compartment of the plane - what a surprise he had!
There are lots more designs on the Teddlywinks website.
See you at the show!