Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boxes and more Boxes

How's this for a challenge! The girls at the Sew Blessed morning last Saturday proudly displayed their little box creations - it was a challenge issued and they all came up trumps!
This is a lovely oriental look - the fabric pattern has been put to good use, and very effectively.
I like the little toggle on the roof of the one above. If you look at the top photo, the box to the left has a toggle "stalk" - it's all in the way it is attached!
Hmmm.... I'm thinking that a teddy bear house could be a possibility!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ernie Dingle Stowaway

You have heard all about our "angels of mercy" dash to Sydney to collect Mark and Rachael when they were ill, but you didn't hear about our little stowaway! Yes - you guessed it! The photo above looks suspiciously like a small furry teddy bear - Ernie Dingle couldn't help himself! When he heard that we were off on a trip, he hid behind the suitcases and we didn't discover his presence until we reached Gundagai! He loves travelling, especially to Sydney!
On our way home, he was very excited when we stopped at Holbrook because there is a submarine in the park! H.M.A.S. Otway is a "must see" if you are passing through. It's huge!
And you can climb up onto it. Can you see Ernie?
Another "great excitement" in the life of a small, furry friend!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Mystery Quilt Photos

Photos from our Mystery Quilt Day - the disappearing nine patch, then a brief outline of our past couple of months!
That's my "kiddy" quilt on the floor.
Here is Sue (who is the mastermind behind all our mystery quilt days),while we were all working away, taking the time to put together a few blocks that she had cut from the one fabric. If you go to her blog, you will be able to read more about our day.
Here are some more of the ladies' efforts - all looking fantastic!
What's that on the table below! It would make for creative sewing!
I'm a bit concerned about Susanne (below). She seems to have forgotten that she already has a drink!
Dot looking bemused - trying to work out her block arrangement.
Jan working on her borders.
We all loved this combination of black, white, green and orange!
A scrappy look.
Brilliant black, white and yellow, and a striking border.
And gorgeous, soft browns.
It is simply amazing how the same design but in different colours can make a quilt look so completely individual!
Now. Our "unusual" past few months!
1. David ill for four weeks, then had prostate surgery. Off work until this week.
2. I had sinus surgery a week later.
3. Rachael (seven months pregnant) had a car accident (not her fault, not injured, baby fine), car needed to be repaired. Inconvenience.
4. I had a cracked tooth repaired.
5. Mark and Rachael flew to Sydney for a short holiday. Both taken ill with severe gastro. David and I had to drive to Sydney to bring them home as they were in no condition to fly. It took us over 11 hours - stops for the "gentleman recovering from prostate surgery" and the pregnant lady, for reasons we all know.
6. I had to go back to the dentist to have my tooth repaired again.
7. Both of us exhausted!
But compared with what is happening in Pakistan, our problems are miniscule!
Bye for now!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sew Blessed

Today I gave a talk to the Sew Blessed quilting group at the Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Lilydale - David and I arrived expecting to meet a small group of stitching ladies and you can imagine our surprise - after we had set up and the doors were opened, in they poured! There were over 100 ladies! My apologies for the photos - it was a bit dark, and we watched with interest as the ladies found the tables with the best light, and the shuffling of seats so that they could sit with their friends, and the seats near the coonara fires were much sort after! The photo above is of Melissa (Melissa and her friend Samantha helped me display the quilts - they did a great job!), she has made Birthday Bears and has added her own style - extra applique, and the names of her family that attach to buttons. I love it when extra touches are added - it really makes the quilt a very personal thing.
Here is a shot of the hall and we noticed that everyone made themselves at home - a very comfortable atmosphere. The tables were put to good use - below is a quilt basting effort - much nicer to tackle this task in good company!
I was very interested to see a group of ladies fossicking through the assorted items on this table. We found out that unwanted bits and pieces are brought along and anyone can have a look to see if there is anything that they can use! A great way of recycling and helping out your friends. Fabric, quilting magazines and books about, lemons and shoes were amongst the things I noticed.
Here I am talking to the group - trying very hard to be interesting!
There was a show and tell - I was so impressed with the beautiful quilts - pity the photos are so dark!
The quilt below is Wally's scrap quilt. I have known Wally for about 38 years - I taught her daughter, Julie, in the early 1970's.
Here is another of my designs, At the Bottom of the Garden, that has been converted from an applique into a stitchery by a very clever lady.
The quilt below is called "I still call Australia Home" and was made for this lady's son who lives overseas. Beautiful with the old Queenslander house in the centre.
At the end of the morning, before they left, everyone quietly put their tables and chairs back where they belonged without being asked.
We had a great time - David's comment was "What a lovely bunch of ladies!".
I agree.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Still Here

I'm still here - we've had a really "interesting" time lately! I will tell more in my next post - I just had to let you know that I hadn't disappeared off the face of the Earth! (How do you like this camelia from my garden - isn't it just heaven!)
Mystery Quilt Day - here is my nine patch - of course it is a disappearing nine patch quilt!
We cut them into four, then re-arranged all the pieces.
Mine is one for the kiddies - I used fabric from my stash, but bought some as well.
I have to have it completed soon - baby shower coming up!
P.S. Ernie Dingle has been up to his old tricks again! Stay tuned!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystery Quilt Day No. 3 and Triplets

Another mystery quilt day tomorrow - love them! But once again I was in too much of a rush trying to choose fabrics. I had some in my stash that I wanted to use to save a few dollars - and I've added a few that I had to buy - isn't it always the way? The stripey one was a disappointment - the whole piece was warped and I had to cut lots off the edge to get the stripes straight. So let that be a lesson to me - inspect fabric thoroughly first, then make sure there is a bit extra to play with! I wanted to use it but I don't think I'll have enough now.Now for some news! It's triplets!!!!! Yes, Rebecca (Patchwork with Gail B) and Gwyllum are the very proud parents of three gorgeous baby girls - Jahzara, Nayeli and Tahira. And they have a very excited big sister, Myra! If you go to Gail's website, Patchwork with Gail B, there are some lovely photos on their home page.
Bye for now,

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yay! We have a floor! I nearly have a workroom! Just ignore the mud and slush - I'm sure it will go away of we pretend it's not there!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sean's Quilt

Here it is! I've finished Sean's quilt! I can't wait to see his face when he finds himself in the astronaut suit! Find the tardis, K-9 and the dalek!
And the photos below show the wet, wet, wet conditions as the foundations for the slab were being prepared ....... the large puddles you can see are at least 600ml deep, and the sides were caving in!!!! The case of the incredible growing post holes. They are for the retaining wall posts, and I'm thinking that we'll need a lot more concrete to fill them!

More photos coming soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sean's Quilt

I couldn't help myself! I've added a little tardis to Sean's quilt!
Also K-9. I wish he was still in the new Dr. Who series - he made a brief appearance, but has been "retired" since.
And not forgetting a dalek! Mustn't forget the daleks!
I didn't do a cyberman - they are just too scarey!
Mud, glorious mud! Wet, wet, wet. And more rain and strong winds have been forecast! Keep your fingers crossed - lots of work to be done tomorrow before the slab is poured on Friday.
And in the meantime, I am busily writing up the Grandma and Me pattern for Grandmother's Garden in New Zealand.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Sunny Day

This is part of a new design which will be available exclusively from Grandmother's Garden in New Zealand, later this year. It will be a six month block of the month, and if you are at all interested, sign up for their newsletter for regular updates.
I have had a lot of fun designing this one - it is in memory of my lovely Grandma, and the happy times we spent together. Keep an eye on the Grandmother's Garden website. I will also keep you informed.
Workroom update:
Our backyard has gone from this .......
...... to this .......
We had a lovely, sunny day yesterday - perfect for the guys to work on the footings for our workroom slab! However...... today it rained ...... of course! Puddles, puddles and more puddles!
Hopefully all will go well for the rest of the week and on Friday the slab will be poured.
We'll have to have a slab party! Everyone bring a slab..... (chocolate, beer ....?)

Now - a piece of advice to all those ladies out there who are around my age. Get your husbands to have their prostates checked. Regularly. Himself has had a prostate operation and we are lucky - no cancer. However, it has been four weeks since the operation and he is still struggling. It will be a slow recovery for him and as you can imagine, he is wanting to do all the things he should NOT be doing YET! It has been a very difficult time for him.
On top of that, I had sinus surgery. A sinus drain and the removal of "bits" of bone and "stuff" to open up the drainage passages. Headaches for a couple of weeks and lots of unmentionable goop dripping out of my nostrils. What fun! But now I can actually breathe through my nose again! I'm hoping my sense of smell will return, but the doctor told me not to be too hopeful as I've been without it for so long.
So we had a couple of weeks feeling sorry for each other! And watching drivel on TV.
So now we are concentrating on recovering and relaxing, but that will not stop me from designing! I have a few ideas that need to be put on paper!