Monday, March 29, 2010

Candy Canes and Teddy Bears

My goodness - it's an occupational hazard! David is going to work with threads all over his clothes! Unintentionally! He's like a human magnet - picks them up wherever he goes - what does that tell you about my housework!?! I'll have to inspect him before he leaves the house from now on!
I am making a Christmas wall hanging - I've used the Gingerland range from Northcott - it even has cute little gingerbread men.
I'm working on the borders now - I may have to go out to buy more fabric because I have almost run out of red.
I have another wall or "door" hanging which I made last year - you can see it at I used one of Nancy Halvorsen's Cristmas ranges for this one. I just love redwork teddies!
I'm off to the shops now!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bassinet Quilt

It's coming along nicely - yes, it's a little bassinet quilt and wall hanging set. Nearly completed, the pattern will be released sometime in May at
Here is another little peek, I'm sure it will appeal to the grannies amongst us!
I have used some lovely soft fossil fern fabrics - I like the subtle play of shadows, leaves and "splotches" - there is such a fantastic range of colours available.
Workroom news - lots of money going out (permits, etc) but no construction happening yet!
It's a waiting game!
Bear Hugs,

Easter Basket

Is it too late to "whip up" an Easter basket for Sean? Do I have enough time? Or will I wait until he's a bit older, and make it in real "boy" colours?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sneak Preview and New Air-Con

Here is a small snippet of a new design - all will be revealed sometime soon! I have used fossil ferns for this one, in pretty, soft colours - not as "gelati" as my fishy quilt!!!
I had my air-conditioning installed on Tuesday - HEAVEN!!!!!!!! And we've used the heating part of it as well!
That's Victoria's weather for you!
P.S. You really must visit Tiramisue"s blog - she has all sorts of fantastic ideas to share with you - what a girl! Giving away her secrets!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Love Maywood Studio Fabrics and the Arrival of Bricks

My very favourite fabrics are from Maywood Studio - they are of a lovely quality and are heaven to sew with. My friend Tim at Lloyd Curzon Textiles in Adelaide sent me a surprise in the mail - a fat quarter of each fabric in the Wild Rose range. Once again, I must say that the website does not do them justice. The colours are beautiful, the designs gorgeous.
I have a few ideas, stitcheries that have been in my head are now beginning to take shape. I'd better get cracking if they are to be completed before the June QCE (trade show where we show off all our wares to the shops!)!!
The blacks are stunning!
But I think I'm still a blue girlOr maybe a pink girl ........
Our workroom bricks arrived today, after several days of anxiously waiting, because they had been "misplaced" in the brick yard. However, we have since found that we need to get a planning permit due to the size of the extension - at least another eight weeks to wait before we start building. Just when we thought everything was running along smoothly!
Don't you love the nifty little forklift they use to take the bricks off the truck! I might add that the truck was at least half a kilometer long (bit of an exaggeration) - it took up most of the street!
I'm off to count bricks now - there should be 2000! (just joking!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bear with Attitude

You have to laugh! Today I received the receipt for my sponsorship renewal for Bobo for 2010, and included was a photo and brief "newsy" piece about him.
"Bobo is often found asleep on the platform in his outside exhibit. He loves all food but will always eat his bananas first. Bobo is a very playful bear but is very quick to anger. This can often lead to fights with the other bears he shares a home with, when the play sessions get too rough or are not going the way Bobo wants." (Just like children!)
That's what I like - a bear with attitude!!!!!