Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's Play Ladies, U2, and Not Much Room Inside

Jenny from Lily Lane Patchwork in Rosedale, Victoria, sent me this photo of "Let's Play Ladies". It's in her shop, so if you are in the area, drop in and say hello and have a look at the quilt.
My U2 ticket. Must remember to wear cotton gloves whilst handling. Will be kept in a suitably secure (secret) spot.
Remember on Thursday I told you that "Us Girls" were going to the U2 concert? Can a mature lady such as Moi say "awsome!!!"? Because if it's allowable, I'm saying "awsome!"
We had dinner first, at The Spaghetti Tree, then caught the tram to Spencer Street Station (now Southern Cross - but to old Melbournians it will always be Spencer Street!).
My program. Must remember to wear cotton gloves whilst reading. Will be kept in a suitably secure (secret) spot.
A beautiful balmy evening - we were expecting thunderstorms and the Etihad Stadium roof had to remain open, so we were prepared with rain jackets, etc. And, you guessed it - NO RAIN!!!! The gods were smiling down on us!
The stage. Unbelievable!
However, when I got home in the wee hours of Saturday morning I was informed by a very sleepy Himself that Mount Evelyn had suffered ANOTHER torrential downpour - sheets of water gushing down the garden, around the house and through the carport!
We are absolutely over all the rain - and there's still more to come. The prediction for tomorrow is 100ml. The blue you can see below is not the sky. It's the tarp covering the open roof over the kitchen. We are praying that it will hold up a bit longer - the roof plumber has been here nearly every day, but has been defeated by the rain - he's hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow. We only have half a roof at the moment!
This is the other side of the extension - if the buckets were not there the water would be a steady stream running into the house!
On a lighter note, yes - we made room for the Christmas tree! Mind you, what you see is the only spare space in the lounge! We shuffle sideways around the furniture - very Charlie Chaplin-ish!
A sense of humour is essential.
P.S. Anyway, it's a good excuse not to dust!
P.P.S. Next time I blog, I'll be giving you some applique tips.

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