Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harvey but not Norman

Don't you just love Christmas? We always get a real tree - love the smell of pine through the house. However, this year we are pushed for room, but we'll still squash one in somewhere! I found this fabulous Christmas print yesterday - don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but something will come to mind when I least suspect it!
Here's another piece with little Christmas lights all over it - cute!
I took them to show Sue this morning, at our usual Thursday sewing circle (we call it "Running away from Painting" for reasons known only to a select few). I had them in a box of bits and pieces, put the box on the floor and it was like a magnet to Harvey! A box is for sitting in, apparently! Especially with lovely new patchwork fabrics!
He's such a human being!
More rain this morning. I sound like an old record, going on and on and on ......
I'm off to the U2 concert tomorrow night (yaaaaaay! Only one sleep to go ....), at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. There's a group of girls going, including my friend Detty, and her daughter Susanne (also my daughter-in-law & mother of Sean). The problem is that the roof of the stadium will not close if there is rain, because the set is too tall! So we think it will be jeans and trainers, plus rain jackets or ponchos! Anyway, who cares!
Keep your fingers crossed!
P.S. Harvey was sat sitting in the box. But where was Norman? Doing what he does best, of course! Lurking somewhere ready to pounce! Harvey and Norman? I wonder where those names came from .......

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TiramiSue said...

I'm getting goldfish this weekend for the tank, tossing up between Coles and Myer or Martha and Stewart....... Sue