Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woodend Teddy Bear Show Part 2

And still the rain came down! Apparently it has been the wettest October since 1975. After all our years of drought the wet is welcome ..... but really, enough is enough .... for now.
This is St. Ambrose School Hall - with the show set up and ready to open. As you can see, it's a lovely old building, and we were spoilt with ducted heating - with a vent right behind our table! Some of the stands still had their overnight covers - their owners not around yet - they must have had a late night!
Bears, bears and more bears! Here's Kayzy's Critters.
And yet more! These little fellows have lovely faces.
The sweetest teddies ever.
And there were gollies and dollies as well!
Pretzel Bears were there, all the way from New Zealand!
The teddies from Bearleigh Bears were just gorgeous. I quite fancy the cute little panda at the front.
And look at all the lavender bears - what a lovely scent!
Sandi from Barely Sane was there with her hubby, and their little dog who comes along with them every year. Ernie looks forward to that!
I must, at this stage, give Kerri Botwood, from Kerri's Bundle of Bears, and her army of assistants (including hubby Chris, her two sons, and Sue Sullivan, plus all the others who gave their time to help - there are so many and I don't know all their names!) a HUGE thank you for her wonderful organisation of the show. It is truly a wonderfully friendly event and has been nominated for a tourism award - I think it deserves this recognition.
So keep the last Sunday of October, 2011 free and come to Woodend!
Part 3 coming soon.

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BubzRugz said...

Biggest Teddy Bear Picnic EVER..... What fun......