Monday, November 1, 2010

Woodend Teddy Bear Show Part 1

Our arrival at Woodbury Cottage heralded a lovely start to our long weekend away and the Woodend Teddy Bear Show.
I'll give you a moment to browse through the photos - you may gnash your teeth with envy .....

That's David you can see - settled in very comfortably, thank you very much, with beer, biscuits and an assortment of King Island cheeses. We love staying here - it's very quiet and secluded.
The next day (after a lovely sleep in, but with menacing cloud cover) we set up our stand at St. Ambrose School hall. It's a beautiful old building with lots of character, so suited to a teddy bear show. We were limited to one table this year, but we could use the wall behind the stand next to us for display, which was all we needed.
Ernie was quite snug and cosy in his sleeping bag, high up on the wall where he could keep an eye on the proceedings.Then the rain began. Thank goodness we managed to unload the car while it was still dry!
Back at Woodbury Cottage we watched the rain pour down into the dam - the ducks loved it! And what a lovely sound on the tin roof. We lit the fire and thumbed our noses at the weather!
But the rain didn't stop.
Part 2 coming soon.


Wendy said...

Gnash gnash gnash - looks lovely, even with the rain!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful surrounding gardens. Looks just lovely even if it was rainning.