Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prancer's Sunday Out

Here's Prancer. He features on my new little Christmas hanging, "Prancer and Me". In my last blog I said I'd tell you all about my day with Gail B and the girls (and Russell, of course, but he kept disappearing - we think he was napping!).
So what does Prancer have to do with Gail and the girls (and Russell, of course, when he was not plying us with food!)?
Gail and Russell asked me to their staff Christmas lunch. The treat they had in store for the girls was a surprise workshop, where they began to stitch "Prancer and Me".
Here's Russell doing a stirling job - his scones were to die for! Melt in the mouth! And the little caramel thingies in gingernut biscuit bases were VERY "more-ish". Jenny must be addicted to them - she kept going back for more!
As you can see, each place was set with a gift bag of goodies. A "Prancer and Me" pattern, fabrics, bells, embroidery thread, stabiliser, etc. And the table! It's HUGE! Russell and Gail found it on ebay, but had to drive to Sydney to pick it up. Fortunately they could dismantle it! Why such a big table? Because they have a big family and Christmas is coming, plus all those other family get-togethers that happen. (I can see the grandchildren having fun with sheets and blankets, making that table into a cubby house! A long, long, long cubby house!)
Here are the girls pretending to get ready to sew. But scones were more important.
Having ironed the stabiliser on the back of the stitchery with few mishaps (except someone who shall remain nameless ironed hers to the right side. But it wasn't a problem because the stitchery could still be seen, even though it was the reverse to everyone else's.) the stitching commenced.
If David had been there he would have demolished these lollies quick smart! His favourites!
I'm a nut girl. I much prefer macadamias and cashews.
Someone had been busy baking little treats for the girls.
How sweet they look - butter wouldn't melt in their mouths! But if only you'd heard what they had just been talking about - all sweetness and innocence now!
And again! Is that a cheeky grin from Gail?
Rebecca (in green) brought her triplets with her, but big sister Myra stayed at home with her Dad. The triplets were so good - Bec is a lovely mum.
The first stitches on the way!
Russell was in charge of food - and have a look at it!
It was perfect for a lunchtime workshop.
The sort of nibbly food that I love.
We really didn't know where to start!
It's what we girls are good at. Multi-tasking. Eat and sew at the same time.
Did the eating cause a lapse of concentration?
Oh oh. Next week's work roster.
Gail has issued a challenge. She wants as many of the finished hangings as possible well before Christmas to show her customers! (Do you think she has a chance?)
More shots of the girls at work (or is it play?).

Here are a few of the stitcheries in progress.

Mary taking a photo of me taking a photo of Mary.

The stitcher of the one above does not hand sew. She does all of her work by machine. But today she had no choice! And what a lovely job she's done!

Gail is holding up a finished stitchery. I couldn't believe how much work the girls achieved! They were talking nineteen to the dozen and it was difficult to get a word in! And on top of that they found time to eat! Yet they all completed, or nearly completed, their stitchery block!
It was a great day - I learnt a lot about what to do, and what not to do, at a workshop such as this one.
Thanks Gail!


Bearly Sane ® said...

Oh that was fun Liz, sounds like a great time was had by all!
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

Lotusbl├╝te said...

Thats a beautifull stitchery dear Liz - And the finished wallhanging is so wonderfull - i love them :O) kindly regards Gaby