Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Last Blog was a Boring Blog

My last blog posting was BORING! I'll try to make it up to you this time.
Firstly, here's a NEW design .... I know .... I have been promising details of this for some time now. Well here it is!
"Grandpa's Little Treasures (below) is one for the Grandpa or Grandson in your life (or any man, for that matter). I made this one in memory of my Grandpa - you can see the three little bears in the middle - they represent my older brother Bill, my younger brother Bob, and me (I'm the pretty one!).
The pattern will be on my website soon!
Now here's the recipe for the blueberry muffins that we love so much! Really easy!
Mix together 2 and a quarter cups of self raising flour, 1 cup of castor sugar, 1 teaspoon of mixed spice and a third of a cup of oat bran.
Add 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup of milk, half a cup of grape seed oil and 200g frozen blueberries (I usually put in more than this - we like our blueberries!). Quickly mix together (don't over mix), put into 12 muffin pans. Sprinkle a mixture of castor sugar and cinnamon on the top and bake in a moderate oven for 20 to 25 minutes.
P.S. Leave out the blueberries, add raspberries and half a cup of white chocolate chips!
P.P.S. Leave out the blueberries, add a quarter of a cup of cocoa, half a cup of chopped glace ginger and half a cup of dark chocolate chips!


Leslie's Itchin to be Stitchin said...

It's so beautiful, you did an amazing job. I love that you customized it to fit your family. You should be so proud of your accomplishment....very cute!

Ess D'Ess Bears said...

Another super duper quilt ... you amaze me Liz!
It was good to catch up with you at Woodend but there never seems to be enough time to really have a good chat. May have to make a lunch date...what do you reckon?
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears