Saturday, November 27, 2010

I wish that I had Duck Feet

This is Raymond. Splashing in puddles. He is part of my quilt "Whatever the Weather". Such an appropriate quilt because at the moment, all I can think about is the Dr. Seuss book I used to read to my boys, and the children in my class. "I Wish that I had Duck Feet".
Why, you ask? Look at this ........
That's the floor of our extension. Heavy rain and nowhere for the water to go because of the walls and doors (no roof yet), so we have a pool! So a tarp was put up, but still the floor filled up.
So another tarp was added to cover the remaining open roof, and at last we have some respite from the deluge. In the meantime, we found that water had seeped under the walls and into the kitchen - damaging the kick rail under the cupboards. David said he could easily replace this, but we won't know if there is any more damage until the wall is taken down.
However, after a night of solid rain and a gap in between the two tarps, I was out there at 7am this morning with a mop and bucket (Sunday morning, I might add, when any self-respecting person is still tucked up in the Land of Nod!) trying to mop up the water that had collected overnight. Better things to do on a Sunday morning, I told myself! (Himself was snoring away in bed!)
This is Sandy. This is how I'd like to feel. All smiley and sunny and warm!
P.S. Had a great day with Gail B and her girls - I'll tell you all about that next time.


BubzRugz said...

Those blocks look so cute.... what a lot of rain.... we are hardly getting any and it is so cool for end of November....

elliesue said...

Both of your lovely blocks look so good, thank you for sharing them.