Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Felt Very Silly Today

I felt very silly today! You'll see why in a minute!
Would you believe it? I heard from Gail that three of the girls had finished their "Prancer and Me", and were proudly showing them off in the shop on Monday! The day after the workshop!!! Wow! Some speedy sewing must have taken place on Sunday night!
The photo above shows it in different fabrics, and different bells.
We love our bricks. Rudy and the boys did a fabulous job - and they were quick! Two tarps were put up to keep it all dry, especially as water was flowing across the slab straight under the walls into the kitchen. David is responsible for the extra strip of clear plastic across the gap, because the rain was so heavy that we had to do something!
Problem solved!
However ..... now for a grumble .....
#*!#**# (rude words) weather! Surely we've had enough for now? Today the plumber arrived to put on the roof. Iron and fascia all there ready. By lunch time most of the fascia was on, but down came the rain! It bucketed down! Couldn't hear ourselves think! His little dog remained firmly entrenched under my car for most of the time. Needed coaxing out!
Floods at back of house - lovely weather for ducks! Plumber went home - what hope did he have! Still raining as I write this!
On the plus side - all this rain and warm weather has been marvelous for my bird of paradise. They love sun, but this one is in full shade. But have a look at it!
Now why did I feel very silly today?
I had to go out in the torrential rain to water my hanging basket because it is under the eaves and dries out quickly.
Oh dear .....


TiramiSue said...

I didn't realize you were putting in a pond! Almost looks like a lap pool out there.

Joy said...

Ooooh Liz, is that a moat???
Joy :o)