Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coming Home

We were sitting up in bed having a cup of tea, on Monday morning at Woodend - that's the foot of the bed you can see, watching the "traffic" outside the window- rabbits, ducks, sheep and magpies. The sun shone very briefly. But then the rain came down .... again.
Had to come home a day early because we were concerned about water damage (with the building works going on) - we found water had seeped through onto the floor in the kitchen and the bottom of the curtains was wet - luckily before we left I had put down some rolled up towels - they soaked up most of the water, but they were sopping wet!
The workroom is beginning to take shape - today we worked out where the power points are going - lots of them because you can't have enough power points! I'm even having a dangling one over the centre workbench. But I'm beginning to wonder if it will be finished by Christmas!
One of our favourite mid-morning snacks - blueberry muffins and coffee. Yum!
I have some melting moments in the pantry - they are ear-marked for supper tonight! The simple things!

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Joy said...

That's a pain having the water leaking in .... but on the bright side isn't it great to see your workroom taking shape!! It's looking fabulous, how exciting :o).
Joy :o) .... who is drooling for one of those blueberry muffins lol.