Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Australian Quilt Market Part 1

This is "Prancer and Me", a little Christmas wall hanging that I released at the AQM. It has a little pocket for Christmas treats or cards. I really wanted a wire hanger with stars, but I was in a rush to have it ready for the show, so hearts had to do!
And "Benny" (with the birds) is another new design - stitcheries are so "transportable", I always have one in my bag - wherever I go! And next to my chair. And in the kitchen......
We always have fun at the A.Q.M. (and the Q.C.E. held in Sydney in June each year), catching up with friends and also our regular customers, which I think is very important.
More rain! Work on the extension went through a slow patch, but you can't blame the builder!
Lots of leaks, but no water damage.

We were sloshing in it!
A rather wet king parrot sat on the pergola and didn't move for about an hour. When he finally did, it was to take cover further into the tree!

Thankfully the weather has improved and for the weekend of the A.Q.M. it was beautiful and sunny, temperatures in the low twenties (celsius). We stayed in the Grand Hotel near the venue, but more about that next time!
Here's the latest photo of Archie - the apple of his parents' eyes!
I had cuddles with Sean today, and will be having more with Archie on Friday afternoon!
P.S. Can you believe it? Today it was 31 degrees celsius! That's Melbourne for you!

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Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Love your stitcheries and little Archie is too cute :)