Saturday, October 2, 2010

Picnic Time for Teddy Bears in South Africa

Gloria from South Africa sent me this photo of her gorgeous version of Picnic Time for Teddy Bears
She has grandchildren and great grandchildren - they must adore her!
It makes me feel like a "learner Grandma"!!! We are expecting our second grandchild in a couple of weeks, and our third in April next year. I can't believe that it has gone from no grandchildren, to three, in the space of 2 and a half years!
It is such a special feeling to know that the patterns I design are being made with so much love, for all those littlies (and not so little!) around the world.
Thank you Gloria, for sending me the photo.

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Ferdi said...

Dear Liz,

This quilt was made for our son Aiden (Gloria's grandson). Gloria is a very crafty person who makes these precious items and is appreciated by young and old. It makes us proud as parents to see something for our son on a blog, in another country?!?!?!? Keep up the awesome work Ouma G.