Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More from the quilters' retreat at Arrabri Lodge

More goodies from my "goodie bag"! A little bundle of fabrics, and a dinky little torch on a tape measure lanyard! Just the thing for Arrabri Lodge - the accommodation is in cabins set around the main buildings and recreation halls - so at night, a torch comes in handy! (And, of course, a tape measure for patchworkers is always useful!!!)
While David started to pack up (he's very useful to have around!) Marlene took me on a tour -
I remember taking grade 3 and 4 children to Arrabri Lodge and it was "spartan" to say the least. But there are new owners and they have done wonders! A lick of paint, lovely gardens, outdoor furniture and a pool, and the recreation hall was being put to good use - there were tables set up and the girls were quietly working away - groups completing U.F.Os, a winding ways quilt, a mystery quilt, a bag, paper piecing ...... etc.
We left some avid fans watching the last episode of "The Bill" in front of the log fire, and drove home through the misty mountains after a really enjoyable evening.
We caught up on The Bill (recorded - I wasn't going to miss out!) on Sunday night.
P.S. We have half a frame!
Don't take any notice of the office chair - I was just making use of the frame to hang a quilt for photos - I sit on the chair to keep steady. Anyway, I was practicing being in my workroom!

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