Monday, October 25, 2010

Love My Teddy Bear

"Love My Teddy Bear" is a little stitchery that I have just completed - it will be available on the website and in the shops soon. I was hoping to have the patterns ready for the Woodend Teddy Bear Show, but I have loads to do - we'll have to wait and see!
Fiona commented on Sean's Christmas stocking - you should have a sticky beak at hers! Last night I was reading her blog and you should have heard the "Oohing" and "Aahing" coming from Himself standing behind me - he was quite impressed and it's not easy to impress him!
And my friend Sue has done it again! You should see the gorgeous apron she has designed (with the fuller figure in mind), I defy anyone to get cream/gravy/flour/icing/etc on themselves wearing this little number!
Bear Hugs,

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Tatkis said...

Such a lovely bear design! Love it!

Best wishes,