Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kamikaze Moth

A moth with a death wish! It was a warm evening, I was busily photocopying a new pattern (I had a deadline to meet!), window was open, moths fluttering around outside the window attracted by the light. How the little blighter got through the flywire heaven knows.
It must have crawled onto the master sheet just as it was fed into the copier. Bingo! Its photo was taken! It achieved immortality on page nine of the pattern (thank goodness it was only a run of thirteen copies, so I was able to easily pull out the offending pages).
This is how I make my quilt labels. I work out the text on the computer, then find a font that I like. Adjust the size, print it off, and then trace onto the fabric. I use a Zig Millennium pen - one that is acid free and permanent (usually used by scrapbookers), but with a very fine tip, in a light brown colour. The embroidery thread completely covers the lines and I have no trouble with "bleeding" ink.
"Grandpa's Little Treasures" will be revealed next week!

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