Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grandpa's Little Treasures coming soon

I have treasured memories of my Grandpa - a gentle and patient grandfather who always had time for me and my brothers, as we helped him in his garden and tool shed. We were shown how to use and care for his tools and were encouraged to make all sorts of "things". We even had a tree house in his garden, in the old plum tree.
This is Grandpa! In his car! It's part of a new design, "Grandpa's Little Treasures", which will be available soon.
Here are a couple more sneak previews - made up in Moda's "Pure" range. The diamonds are just right for Grandpa's vest!
A scarecrow in his vegie patch - a necessity!
Yesterday saw a very strange sight. Our neighbour, Andrew, gave David a hand to weld a few bits and pieces together - I'm not asking, I'm leaving all that to the men - but the umbrella had me stumped! It was a lovely, sunny day, but not that hot - all was revealed when Andrew came up for air. The sun was hitting the back of his visor/helmet and he couldn't see what he was doing! So David to the rescue with my big golf umbrella (I don't play golf, but it's a very handy size!). Andrew appears as a big lump in the first photo, but you can see him at work in the second.
That's Andrew's son, Daniel. He was apprentice for the day.
That umbrella was so handy when I was teaching. UV protection for when I was on yard duty. I have very fair skin. I swear I could fit a whole class of preps under that big umbrella (well ... that's a bit of an exaggeration!)!
A visitor to the garden! Laughing his head off!


BubzRugz said...

Liz, your new design is lovely and the choice of fabrics is just perfect..... good to see the men at work getting your room ready! I just love kookaburra's - they occasionally come into my garden.

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Liz,
I just love the sleeping grandpa with the bird on his chest...pure is such a good fabric range to use too.
Hugs, Sharon

TiramiSue said...

Another little treasure. Good to see the man working hard! Sue