Saturday, September 11, 2010

Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Sunday 31st October - keep this date marked on your calendar because it's the Woodend Teddy Bear Show. And we'll be there! We have been going to Victoria's premier teddy bear show since it was conceived several years ago, by a lady with vision - Kerri Botwood, who has a lovely little teddy bear shop, Kerri's Bundle of Bears, in Woodend, Victoria. Proceeds from this show go to various wildlife funds such as Free the Bears, and Animals Asia.
David and I are staunch supporters of Mary Hutton and the Free the Bears Fund, and we are privileged to be able to sponsor a sun bear, Bobo, who lives in a sanctuary in Thailand. The photo above is a wall hanging which I designed and we donate the proceeds of the sale of this pattern to the Free the Bears Fund. This little wall hanging is Travelling Teds - one of my very first designs, and still a favourite with my customers! It was inspired by our first trip overseas, to the U.K.
I "adopted" several teddies, my suitcase was full of them! My hand luggage actually growled at a fellow passenger who nudged it as he was stowing his bag in the overhead compartment of the plane - what a surprise he had!
There are lots more designs on the Teddlywinks website.
See you at the show!


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Your designs are gorgeous.
I never knew there was a teddy show in Woodend each year and I LOVE Woodend! I'm going to have to try and make it...I'm marking the calendar as soon as I finish typing here.
I know the exact teddy shop you're talking about too...I've spent some money in there ;) Love the shop ....and her hugely fat kitty cat!

Monica said...

I just love your bears! They are the cutest designs I've ever seen.

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