Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lang Lang

Ernie Dingle accompanied us to Lang Lang on Saturday. He loves a day out! David and I were invited to talk to a quilting group at the local community centre - it was a cold, damp day outside but we were cosy and warm inside! While we were busy setting up the quilts and patterns, Ernie quietly worked his way through two cupcakes and a mug of cocoa!
Lo, who organised the day, had raffles and prizes for the ladies. It was bottoms up - looking for the lucky seat!
Here's a winner - a happy recipient of a Teddlywinks pattern!
David and Caitlyn drew all the tickets - but had trouble at times deciphering the names!
How's this for enthusiasm! That's Lo on the right.
Kim must have bought most of the tickets - she won several prizes! (We called her the greedy girl!)
The ladies all had a lovely afternoon, especially knowing that the proceeds of the day will be donated to breast cancer research.
It has been go, go, go for the past couple of months - we had Rachael's baby shower yesterday and had a really happy afternoon. She has only six or seven weeks to go but is feeling very uncomfortable and can't wait for "D" (delivery) day!
I think I'll go and curl up in a corner for a nap!

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